The AlphaPipe-HFMWeek Service Provider Snapshot

There was little change in latest service provider tables during another quarter of negative hedge fund performance

India: Is there hope beyond the hype?

As India-focused hedge funds face losses or muted returns last year after their 2014 high, HFMWeek takes a closer look at the market

Argentina opens up for hedge fund business

Martin Guyot has restructured his team after co-founder left

Top 10 Ucits Platforms: BAML takes top spot

BAML and Schroders move up a gear as overall growth slows compared to 2014

P2P: Could other hedge funds provide your financing?

With prime brokers pulling back from certain areas, will hedge funds increasingly look to tap up their peers for financing? HFMWeek investigates

Hedge fund reinsurance arms thrown back into political spotlight

Paulson & Co’s PacRE closure and Clinton remarks shine light on sector

2016 Technology: Security issues likely to continue to dominate

CTOs will need to persuade senior management to invest in sufficient infrastructure

2016 Regulation: No let up from global regulators

Closer supervision and new tax measures on the horizon in the US, Europe and elsewhere

2016 CTAs: A diversification opportunity

Managed futures enjoyed a resurgence of investor interest last year – can the trend continue?

2016 Admins: M&A activity to continue to bubble

With the likes of SS&C GlobeOp and Mitsubishi MUFG Fund Services setting their sights on further acquisitions, and plenty of

2016 Investors: Uncertain times but inflows set to continue

Multi-strategy, macro and managed futures set for further inflows

2016 Prime brokers: Tightening and culling to continue

Regulatory drivers of change to continue; experts predict inventory fluidity increasing and further growth of treasury function

2015 Technology: Cyber-security tops CTO concerns

More SEC exams and tech firm mergers sees a lively 12 months

2015 Investors Review: allocators look to smaller managers

Some allocators wary of other big managers returning capital

2015 Admins: Surge in M&A activity dominates sector

Admins see a busy year of deal-making prices hikes and new business ventures

2015 Review: Quotes of the year

Simon Ruddick, Donald Trump, John Paulson; and more

2015 CTA Review: Grinding out a follow-up act

Asset inflows return amid a mixed performance run

The inside story of the Mifid II dealing commission saga

CSAs to continue although extra transparency will be required