The AlphaPipe/HFMWeek-Service Provider Snapshot

Large moves in prime brokerage and custody services see provider tables changing in the first quarter

Esma’s lending fund plans: A price worth paying?

The idea of a common EU AIF loan origination framework has been welcomed but Esma’s latest recommendations have been greeted with scepticism

What would a Brexit mean for hedge funds?

Five key takeaways from HFMWeek’s Brexit briefing in London

Keep it in the family?: The pros and cons of downsizing

With a number of funds recently returning external capital and predictions of more to come, HFMWeek explores what is driving this trend

Catching the eye of emerging manager programmes

HFMWeek examines the increased attention some allocators and consultants are paying to fledgling funds

Policymakers fail to allay clearing cost concerns

Hedge funds left disappointed by recent Basel Committee consultation although there is still room to manoeuvre

Jumping the ever-higher launch hurdles

Launching a hedge fund is harder than ever and would-be founders aren’t just contending with asset-raising. We explore how managers can mitigate these barriers

Fintech developments targeting hedge funds

FinDevr held its first New York conference in March and sister magazine HFMTechnology went along to scope out the latest innovations

Playing with social media fire

Hedge funds split on harnessing social platforms and how much to control staff usage

Investor Power 30

HFMWeek’s annual rundown of the most influential hedge fund investors and what they achieved in the past year

Alt mutuals industry unites against SEC derivatives rule

Rule 18f-4 would unduly restrict funds and limit investor choice, trade bodies say

HFM Live: The Role and Liability of a CF10/CCO

HFMWeek and ACA Compliance recently held a webinar on the role and liabilty of a CF10/CCO. Below is the recording

Hedge funds launch assault on CFTC source code ‘snooping plan’

Managers warn proposed Reg AT is risk to global markets, would cripple quant giants, deter start-ups and could breach the US Constitution

How tough are investors getting on fees?

Despite some hardball investor tactics, discussions are usually constructive and many are still prepared to pay a premium rate

Asian allocators upbeat on hedge fund opportunities

Investors say there are region-specific challenges

Swapping service providers: The steps you need to consider

Admin M&A activity and PB balance sheet pressure is forcing managers to change their service providers or counterparties more frequently than ever

GAIM Ops Conference Chatter: Foreign Corruption, Insider Trading and Fees

Uncertainty around criminal law dominates operations summit in the Cayman Islands

Canadian managers set to join liquid alts boom

Toronto and Montreal set to benefit as regulators open doors to retail investors