Sam Dale

The ousting of FCA chief Martin Wheatley

FCA chief executive is leaving the organisation on September 12 after four years

Bill Prew

Tick-box mentality grows one year after AIFMD

Bill Prew discusses how the mammoth EU regulation has shaken the market in the last

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Managers ready and waiting on Iran

A number of firms are looking to launch specialist funds as sanctions are eased

Maiya Keidan

Anti-money laundering law welcomed

Market participants expect private funds are on brink of new guidance from the US government

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Has the SEC underestimated ADV move burdens?

Experts warn on costs and particular hit on non-US managers

Robert Duggan

What would we have done without Weavering?

Fiduciary duties have become an industry as much as they remain a responsibility

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Industry awaiting SEC’s cyber-security risk alert

OCIE director highlights investor concerns and reveals plans to issue new guidance

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: The risk in cutting your losses

Eclectica duo on the lessons learned from an eventful few years

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: mitigating the rise in clearing costs

Disjointed approach from global regulators leading to higher charges


New clearing landscape highlights legislative contradictions

Consequences of Basel III, Emir and Dodd-Frank Title VII could lead to more systemic risk,

Bill Ehrman

Bill Ehrman: My core investment beliefs

Bill Ehramn explains his rules for investing and why he is backing active managers to

Sam Dale

Does the CMU face too may hurdles to succeed?

EU politicians are pleased with themselves and their capital markets union but it faces many

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: UK FCA and Treasury set for dealing commission clash

Political manoeuvrings on both sides of the Atlantic have caught our eye this week


Existing safeguards mean hedge funds are not a global risk

The MFA chief talks about how hedge funds fit into global rules to make the

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Keeping your data safe

HFMWeek investigation is a reminder of how difficult it is to be secure

Sam Dale

Regulators are missing their own deadlines

As hedge funds rush to meet the plethora of deadlines, regulators are mired in technical

Jack Inglis

Jack Inglis: The role of hedge funds in the real economy

Aima chief looks at the contribution of hedge funds to the "real economy"

Paul McMillan

Credit opportunities the talk of Salt 2015

Managers line up to talk of trades they are involved in

Lachlan Roos

Comment: Lachlan Roos

PwC hedge fund chief discusses how east meets west for London hedge fund launches