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Jasmin Leitner

HF/PE convergence can benefit managers but also creates new competition

The convergence between private equity and hedge funds is a growing trend. And while many

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Alt mutual funds plan SEC fight back

Firms believe they have a number of tools at their disposal as concern grows over

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Liquid alts growth- a tale of two continents

HFMWeek research reveals the biggest alt Ucits platforms and continued growth as US flat-lines

Jerome Wigny

Can managers benefit from Luxembourg’s new Raif structure?  

Jerome Wigny explains the benefits of Luxembourg's latest bid to attract hedge fund business

Paul McMillan

The HFM team takes a look at the year ahead

We set out some of the key themes likely to dominate the hedge fund sector

Seda Livian, Dave Racich and Amber Williams

Seeding deals require careful tax consideration

EY specialists examine consequences of various arrangements

Sam Dale

Managers set to fightback against SEC derivative rules

The industry has until March 28 to lobby against far-reaching changes

Matt Smith

2015 Review: Quotes of the year

Simon Ruddick, Donald Trump, John Paulson; and more

Dry up
Sophie Segal

Managers may find opportunities ripe amid market distress

Third Avenue Management, Stone Lion Capital and Lucidus Capital events all distinct but point to

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Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Opportunities for the nimble amid the high yield strain

Investor sentiment has been souring for months, say investors

White House
Joseph Bianco and Seda Livian

How to cope with the new US tax audit regime

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (the Act), recently signed into law, contains new rules

S.Ruddick (1)
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: The exaggerated death of cap-intro and CFTC source code anger

Simon Ruddick highlights European hedge fund hostility while US derivatives regulator triggers strong reaction from

Sam Dale

CFTC faces industry backlash over algo trading rules

Managers are concerned about handing over their "secret sauce" codes to regulators

William Keunen

What challenges are hedge funds facing at the end of 2015?

Citco global director examines the landscape of the hedge fund sector at the end of

Richard H. Baker

What we learned from the first Form PF data

MFA CEO discusses how new transparency rules are shining new lights on hedge funds

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Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Seeding activity on the rise as allocators evolve

HFMWeek research highlights increase in dry powder and investment activity

New York
Chris Josselyn

Seeding environment remains highly fertile

2016 looks to be exciting year in seeding space

Pension considers allocation to long/short equity fund this week
Jack Inglis

The perception needs to catch up with the reality of modern hedge funds

Aima chief explains how pension funds' view of hedge funds is changing

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Looking back at 10 years of HFMWeek

The sector is a very different beast to the one that greeted the launch of

SMR feature
Gwyn Roberts

Then and now: How the hedge fund world has changed in 10 years

Pageant Media group head of content reflects on industry changes in the last decade

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Parvez Khan

Will the CMU really deliver on its promised goals?

Parvez Khan explains the possibilities and pitfalls of the EU's most ambitious project