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We have come to rely on HFM as the best source of intelligence on the hedge fund space. It carries news on the latest launches, while its events are the best industry gatherings for this sector’s key decision maker. Our membership to HFM continues to be invaluable.

Consultancy leader at a global prime brokerage business

While other publications tend to brush the surface of this industry, HFM’s strength is its ability to really cover a huge array of issues. The level of technical detail it provides serves a vital information need. We often pick up valuable insight in HFM before being told by our primes and external counsel.

General counsel at US-based $7bn manager

HFM has created a stream of information that genuinely informs us. Whether through its online coverage, or regular events, we have found that this platform is capable of providing real insight across a number of issues and for a number of different professionals and departments at my firm.

COO at UK-based $10bn + manager

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HFM Membership is a unique intelligence and networking service providing actionable data, insights and contacts that enable you to better raise capital, comply with regulations and benchmark against peers.

  • +Specialist Networks for the latest industry trends
  • +Direct access to Industry Intelligence
  • +Benchmarking Your Firm
  • +Global Networking Opportunities
  • +Unique and Actionable Data Resources
  • +Dedicated Analysts and Account Handlers