Asset flows: Investors favor debt strategies in May

Hedge funds attracted new capital for the second straight month.

CRTs: building for a fall?

CRT investors question whether they are adequately compensated for idiosyncratic risks.

SPAC boom shows no signs of slowing down

Hedge funds are back to embracing one of their favorite trades, is this time different?

The Market Move: Inside the Italian bond rout that shocked macro traders

Rising yields and worsening liquidity posed challenges to managers on the wrong side of the market in May.

Can the cryptocurrency craze become a fund class?

Digital assets strive for institutional scale despite market dips

Doubling down on Caesars

Canyon remains bullish on one of its most infamous distressed bets

New Fund Survey: Spreading the wealth

More new hedge funds were able to raise capital than any year since 2004. Total fundraising, however, has been slow to recover.

Asset Flows: April 2018

Multistrategy boosted by inflows.

Headcount – Two Sigma looks forward

Staff number grew robustly in 2017.

League Tables: April 2018

All strategies are in the black for April.

Headcount – Paulson pares down

Poor returns prompt a shake-up.

Strategy in Focus – Deal or no deal

Merger arb hedge funds hampered by regulatory red tape.

The Position – Where’s the dislike button?

Facebook is one of the most popular stock holdings, but will hedge funds #DeleteFacebook following the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Indices: Global benchmarks and regional databases turn upward in April

Early estimates show global equity and macro are up, while commodities stumble.

Asset Flows: U.S. hedge funds record slight growth in Q1

Mixed arb maintains positive investor sentiment.

Asset Flows: Mixed arbitrage attracts investors in March

U.S. fund experience outflows overall, but mixed arbitrage sees new investment.

Indices: MBS returns rise as global benchmarks fall

Global benchmarks and all regional databases fail to make gains in early March estimates.

Asset Flows: Convertible and equity arbitrage funds attract most new capital in February

Commodities funds lose the most to outflows after a robust January.