Investors present two short, five long ideas at Delivering Alpha

Alex Denner’s Sarissa has made outsize gains from biotechnology investments this year.

One River down double digits in systematic fund

February’s sharp reversal set the firm on a downward trend.

Citadel’s Griffin sees risks in Italy-EU relations

Griffin said the firm is monitoring its investments in the region given political uncertainties.

Upstart quantitative manager Tenacis suffers performance drop

Backed originally by Leucadia Asset Management, the firm raised more than $100 million this year.

Light Street continues performance hot streak

Similar funds focusing on emerging technologies also posted some of the highest returns through June.

Bozza’s Lakewood falls on value bets

The firm recently received backing from Goldman Sachs, which bought out Lakewood’s initial seed investor.

How Alden became infamous

Once known for outsize returns, Alden is now under pressure for its investments in local newspapers. How did a distressed debt superstar become a media pariah?

In hedge fund transitions, money matters

Bridgewater’s new employee partnership has lucrative potential, which could help retain the next generation.

Risk on for Seer Capital

A healthy economy and “patient” Fed support a risk on approach says the $1.1 billion firm.

P/E Investments reverses losses as other FX managers falter

Hedge funds participate most prominently during currency shocks, to mixed results.

Telecom defaults may increase, providing windfall for distressed debt managers

New York-based Aurelius Capital Management is an active player in the telecom space.

Short-term futures programs weather market turnover

Crabel and Quest have beaten many of their longer-term peers this year, profiting from bouts of volatility.

New Bridgewater fund frustrated by rising asset prices

In more than three years of trading, Optimal Portfolio has lagged All Weather while charging higher fees.

Graham’s trend-following strategies flounder in May

Several of the firm’s systematic strategies declined amid geopolitical turmoil in the U.S. and Europe.

Crypto hedge funds can’t catch a break

More bad news for crypto hedge funds as digital shed $17 billion in one day.

Macro funds struggle with performance persistence

Returns have waffled at some of the strategy’s largest funds in the past two years.

Hedge funds reap rewards on merger success

AT&T-Time Warner ruling delivers winning results for fund managers.

Pelorus Jack closes following performance issues

The firm, led by Tim Garry, incorrectly wagered that growing technology companies would lose ground.