Adage Capital halves GE stake amid corporate changes

Such a large sale is unusual for Adage, which aims for market-beating returns from a broad portfolio of stocks.

Bridgewater Pure Alpha turns positive, continues to lag All Weather

Like other macro funds, Pure Alpha has at times misfired on developed market currency bets this year.

Now accepting nominations for the 2017 Absolute Return Awards

Last year’s winners included Brigade, Renaissance and Wexford. Please ensure you contact us to be considered.

Seer Capital continues to surge in third quarter

The MBS manager is up 6.55% through September.

Cadian’s value venture

Fundamental bets on small tech stocks are paying off for Eric Bannasch’s long/short portfolio this year amid computer-driven price dislocations.

Quant firm Voloridge lowers ultra-high fees

The $2.4 billion firm, which uses data mining to predict price movements, also said it would stop burdening investors with passed-on expenses.

Two Sigma explores smart beta offering

The product would move the firm further away from its hedge fund roots, offering lower fees for less outperformance.

Balestra bows out, transitions to family office

The fund, led by James Melcher, gained in favor among picky investors following the financial crisis but lost money in the years that followed.

Baupost to shrink cash reserves while returning money

Large cash balances are typical of Klarman’s value-focused strategy, but can sometimes creep too high.

Third Point sees blue skies for equity markets

Despite concerns from other money managers, Dan Loeb’s firm says the risk of a recession is low.

In the news: Soros pumps $18 billion into charity ahead of looming tax bill

Absolute Return’s daily roundup of U.S. hedge fund news.

In the News: Conatus founder bets $1.8 million on himself

Absolute Return’s daily roundup of U.S. hedge fund news.

Warsh agenda finds support in hedge fund crowd critical of central bank policy

Druckenmiller calls Warsh “neither a hawk or a dove” and says he is the least likely of top Fed candidates to push deeper into quantitative easing.

In the News: Marcato Capital and Engaged Capital outperform larger activist rivals

Absolute Return’s daily roundup of U.S. hedge fund news.

Moore’s Way

With macro managers struggling in a low volatility environment, Louis Bacon, Moore Capital’s master of managing risk, is biding his time.

The Specialist – Electron Capital bets big on infrastructure

Absolute Return’s new monthly feature profiling firms with a niche strategy.

Study: After Dodd-Frank, U.S. hedge funds produce less alpha

The paper challenges previous research that showed no change in performance since the Act’s implementation.

In the News: Nestlé gives way to most Third Point demands

Absolute Return’s daily roundup of U.S. hedge fund news.