Now accepting nominations for the 2017 Absolute Return Awards

Last year’s winners included Brigade, Renaissance and Wexford. Please ensure you contact us to be considered.

As 2017 nears the conclusion of its twelve months, calculations will soon begin for the 13th annual Absolute Return Awards, which will be held on March 8, 2018 at the Lotte New York Palace.

The Absolute Return Awards identify the best performing U.S. hedge fund managers based on risk-adjusted returns. The awards are renowned in the industry for their emphasis on the quality of returns rather than the quantity, and the event regularly attracts many of the largest hedge fund firms. More than 300 hedge fund managers, investors and other industry professionals are expected to gather in celebration of the best performing funds’ achievements in the full calendar year of 2017.

Preliminary nominations will be announced ­­­­­­in early December and will be based on performance through October 2017. The deadline to be considered for Round 1 will be Wednesday November 22nd 2017.

All firms that submit performance to the database and have up-to-date performance will be automatically considered for the awards.

To be considered, funds should report their performance to the Absolute Return database or contact us directly, and must meet our nomination criteria which can be found below. To submit your funds to the database or check that they are already being considered, please contact:

Jacob Rusek 

Senior Research Associate

(646) 931-9056


For further information about the event or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

James Barfield

Business Development Director

(646) 931-9058

Nomination Criteria

To be considered for an award, funds must have at least a 12-month track record and either submit performance data directly to the Absolute Return database or self-submit their data. The only exception to this rule is for the New Fund of the Year award, which requires a seven to 18 month track record.

Nominations are decided by those funds that achieve the strongest Sharpe ratios during the full year of 2017, so long as they also beat the median returns in their relevant peer groups and are also within 10% of their high-water mark.
The eventual winners will be funds which achieve the best returns, as long as they also achieve Sharpe ratios within 25% of the best among the nominees and are also within 10% of their high-water mark.

Best Management Firm Award
The criteria for the best management firm award will be based on weighted average returns and Sharpe ratios, and asset growth during the year. To be considered, firms must manage at least three separate strategies with combined assets of at least $3 billion.

Long Term Performance Award
The award for the fund with the best long-term performance will be based on a combination of annualized returns and Sharpe ratios among funds operating for more than 5 and 10 years, and will be restricted to funds running at least $1 billion.

Fund of the Year Award
For Fund of the Year, consideration will be given to the winners of all the various categories, as well any other funds with exceptional performance which may have missed out on other awards by being narrowly outside the range with regard to their Sharpe ratios. Nominees for Fund of the Year are announced on the evening of the event.

New Fund of the Year Award
To be considered in this category, funds must have a seven to 18 month performance track record, and manage a minimum of $100 million.

What period of time do the awards cover?
The Absolute Return Awards year runs from January 2017 through yearend. Provisional nominations are released in early December, and final nominations will be released late January after December 2017 performance data has been submitted.