Hedge funds must embrace strategic partnerships to survive

Managers to focus on core investment activities to differentiate themselves.

Spurious Correlations: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Man Numeric President and CEO explores the issue of behavioral biases common in data analysis and argues that quant investors should not reject qualitative thought entirely.

Short-Sighted on Short-Selling: Not So ‘Icky’ After All

Critics of short-sellers who ask why they can’t “just cut it out” are missing the point.

Why investors should pay more attention to treasury management practices

Investors should include treasury function as a routine, mandatory part of ODD reviews or risk facing a range of unintended consequences.

5 Pitfalls of Machine Learning Trading Strategies

While many asset management firms recognize the importance of machine learning capabilities, when it comes to the actual application of these techniques, some fall short.

Beyond the investments: Key considerations in the valuation of alternative asset managers

The value of the fund management entity poses a series of questions and complexities few are equipped to tackle.

A bull market top under Donald Trump?

"We elected The Apprentice, not David Copperfield."

The SEC universal proxy proposals: A measured and practical revolution

The new requirements, if adopted, would not necessarily give more power to activists.

‘Twas a week before Christmas: A visit from the President-elect

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

How equity long/short hedge funds really generate alpha

The largest source of alpha probably isn’t what you’d think.

Public Relations Q&A: Edelman’s Mike Geller

"The new reality is firms must take a holistic approach to how they position their brand and ensure they are taking advantage of multiple communications channels to effectively reach their desired audiences."

Public Relations Q&A: Kekst and Company’s Todd Fogarty

"As always, performance is king. But it’s especially crucial in the current environment to communicate clearly, directly and frequently with investors to ensure they appreciate the fund’s strategy and how it is delivering – or will deliver – against it."

Public Relations Q&A: Prosek Partner’s Russell Sherman

"Every fund has a story. Our job is to uncover that story – whether it is a unique strategy, a different research approach, the track record of the founders or even an interesting ancillary anecdote – and then share that story with the constituents that matter most."

Whitebox Advisors: Investors could avoid market brutality with precise execution

Instead of a standard "head and shoulders" decline, the next market downturn could be sudden and severe. Investors who apply precise execution to trade ideas may be better positioned to survive.

Capital efficiency in a style-focused world

Man GLG’s Edward Cole and Simon Pickard argue that stock pickers should concentrate on capital efficiency, rather than obsessing over the value/growth question.

No more excuses: It’s time for hedge funds to open up

Hedge funds have reasons why they don’t report position-level transparency to outside vendors. In today’s market environment they don't hold water.

Emerging market equities: Moving from crisis to opportunity

EM specialist Limiar Capital Management analyzes why emerging market equities are set to rebound further.

Alignment of interest is growing between managers and investors

AIMA CEO Jack Inglis: "For managers, it is essential to strike the right balance."