Past Events and Testimonials

UK Allocator Intelligence Summit – February 2016 This saw us host 60 allocators for a two-day networking and education event in London designed to guide allocators, investment consultants, advisors, trustees, fund researchers and analysts on current best practice in hedge fund, absolute return and alternatives investing.

‘Thank you for organising and inviting me to a wonderful Summit. I met intriguing fund managers and the Summit was a great use of my time. I look forward to attending again’ (Halkin Investments)

US and UK Dinners – March 2016.  We hosted our first Allocator Dinners in London and in New York. We were joined by 20 allocators and 3 emerging managers for an intimate and invitation-only dining experience. Our dinners allow better interaction with managers as well as enabling attendees to network with their peers and discuss current topics.

Thank you very much for the dinner last night – good food and stimulating discussion with the managers around the table  (Tomlinson Research)




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