February in CLOs: it’s a great time to be an equity investor

Risk retention is going away, spreads are plummeting, and CLOs are launching with more equity-friendly structures

Fund in Focus: Cheyne’s Total Return Credit Opportunity Fund 2022

London-based credit manager Cheyne’s Total Return Credit strategy has consistently been one of the top performing long-short credit funds

On the road to responsibility

European managers are leading the way in environmental, social and governance thinking. Alt Credit Intelligence catches up with some of the more proactive managers, to see how they do it

January in CLOs: Managers make hay while the sun shines

$8.7bn of new issue deals price to set a January record

The results are in

With full year results now in, Alt Credit Intelligence explores which trades paid off – and which didn’t – in 2017

January in derivatives: Court or committee?

Despite legal wrangling and contentious headlines, indices remain calm in January

December in derivatives: Under the calm surface, single names stir

2018 ends with a host of single name stories and truly audacious CDS trades

Is tax reform all it’s cracked up to be?

The possibility of sweeping changes to the tax code was a major driver of economic optimism in 2017. But the final Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may not improve things much for credit investors

CLO round-up: issuers wrap up a remarkable year

Managers closed out 2017 with another $10bn of new deals, taking the global total to a record-equalling $143bn

Choppy waters forecast

After years of credit markets grinding tighter, something has to give, and as we start 2018 we are beginning to see the first signs of credit fundamentals re-emerging

Are you being served?

Alt Credit Intelligence honoured the very best service providers to credit hedge funds in London in November, and in February

November in derivatives: spreads can go out too

A notorious CDS play reared its head in the US, as macro jitters halted high-yield gains

November in CLOs: Records are made to be broken after all

Primary volume, CLO size and AAA spread records tumble as CLO bull run continues

Peering into the depths of liquidity

IHS Markit takes a look at the trends in US corporate bond quote depth

October in CLOs: Issuers plough ahead despite risk retention confusion

US and European regulators decided to tweak risk retention rules for the Nth time last month, but market participants kept calm and carried on

Blockchain comes to credit (mid-office)

Alt Credit Intelligence explores some of the service providers working to apply distributed ledger technology to leveraged loans and CDS contracts

October in derivatives: Could CDS Brexit?

Isda weighs its Brexit options, as complex cases continue to keep the determinations committee busy

And the winner is….

Alt Credit Intelligence European Awards 2017 honours the industry’s top performers and outstanding service providers in Europe