August in derivatives: Noble Group saga rumbles on

CDS traders did get an answer – sort of – on Banco Popular

CDS trade reporting: Manager concerns as Esma rushes to update rules

Regulator rushes to iron out creases in CDS trade reporting in time for the next wave of requirements

CLO round-up: Busiest August since 2007

After cooling off somewhat in July, the CLO primary market returned with a vengeance last month. Alt Credit Intelligence sums up the busiest August in the CLO market since the crisis

Tikehau interview: Bringing local perspectives to a global audience

From humble beginnings, French asset manager Tikehau is getting ready to bring European credit to a broader client base

Manager of the month, August: Premeritum Investment Management

London-based manager looks East for event-driven opportunities

Manager of the Month: Serone Capital Management

London-based structured credit manager looks to CLO liabilities

Ripples from the Tsunami

With risk retention proving not to be the market-killer it was expected to be, ACI finds CLO managers are switching focus from compliance to capital efficiency.

Derivatives round-up: Hedge funds caught off guard

A move tighter in the subordinated financials index was said to have caught some hedge funds wrong-footed in July

July CLO roundup: New managers, structural innovation, and a changing secondary market

The Fourth of July weekend in the US marks the traditional start of the “summer lull” in the CLO market, and this year was no different, at least in the US.

June in derivatives: tranche warfare as bespokes take flight

The major credit indices look quiet, but Alt Credit Intelligence finds there’s plenty of activity below the surface

June CLO roundup: New managers, structural innovation,

Alt Credit Intelligence sums up the biggest stories in CLOs following another busy month for the market

Off the beaten track: Niche direct lending in Europe

Alt Credit Intelligence looks in the nooks and crannies of Europe to see who is doing what in niche direct lending

May CLO round-up: Chinese banks, inverted term curves and giant mid-market deals

Backed by a surge in investor demand, particularly from Asia, the US CLO market appears to be in rude health despite a challenging loan market environment.

Is the shopping mall dead?

Alt Credit Intelligence browses the aisles of US shopping malls and hears where credit managers are finding bargains

Birch Grove interview: If you build it, they will come

Birch Grove’s Jonathan Berger talks to Alt Credit Intelligence about building to last, and what opportunities are left in US credit markets

Coco populism: Managers ride the sub debt wave

Hedge funds have ridden a bumpy rollercoaster with European financial debt in recent months, but with things levelling off, Alt Credit Intelligence looks at how they made their money, and how they intend to keep doing it.

Manny Friedman’s community bank debt trade

EJF Capital founder was speaking as part of the Absolute Return symposium last month

Investor insights: What are allocators saying on alt credit?

After a solid performance year for many credit hedge funds, Alt Credit Intelligence sounds out six investors and consultants for their views on the investment prospects facing different credit strategies in 2017