Bridgewater, Soros allowed to invest directly in Chinese bonds

American hedge funds have begun gaining access to China’s domestic debt markets through a government program.

Europeans play catch up as banks explore direct lending CLOs

Europe has long lagged the US’s mid-market infrastructure, but now banks and fund managers are looking to bridge the gap

April in Derivatives

CDS spreads make their first convincing move tighter of the year, but a few bad apples spoil the bunch

The race for European investors: Ucits closing the gap

Alternative credit Ucits are fast moving from a way to attract extra management fees, to a must have for any credit fund manager wanting to raise capital in Europe

April in CLOs: managers set their sights on Europe

US managers come to Europe for CLO issuance in April

Mining for ethical mines

Credit specialist Aba Schubert on her new venture, Dorae, which aims to tackle problems in the supply chain of rare earth materials

Alphabet soup: The ABCs of BDCs

The Small Business Credit Availability Act, and its implications for direct lenders and BDC managers

Featured fund: LNG Europa Credit Fund

LNG’s focused portfolio proves a winner over winter

March in derivatives: Pain roll

Credit spreads continue their March wider amid roll

March in CLOs: Record Q1 total, but are problems brewing below the surface?

Nearly $14bn of new CLOs priced globally last month, taking Q1 issuance to $38bn. But fundamentals continued to decline, leading to a handful of tranche downgrades

Boots on the ground in Europe

Direct lending has pushed managers to spread out across Europe, but there is more than one route to continental expansion

Knighthead, other Agrokor lenders face refinancing

The Croatian conglomerate released a creditor settlement framework on Tuesday, creating open questions about payouts.

Alt Credit Intelligence US Awards 2018

Credit fund managers and service providers gathered in New York to see who would take home the ACI’s top prizes

Fund in Focus: Cross Sound Distressed Opportunities Fund

Connecticut-based distressed debt fund shoots straight to the top of the pile

Risk retention is dead: Long live risk retention funds

Risk retention will soon be a thing of the past in the US. So what happens to all the risk retention funds raised in the last couple of years?

February in derivatives: Weathering the storm

February was a huge month for risk assets, and credit was no different

February in CLOs: it’s a great time to be an equity investor

Risk retention is going away, spreads are plummeting, and CLOs are launching with more equity-friendly structures

Fund in Focus: Cheyne’s Total Return Credit Opportunity Fund 2022

London-based credit manager Cheyne’s Total Return Credit strategy has consistently been one of the top performing long-short credit funds