Latin America fund still on top – May performance review

Copernicoapital Partners’ Latin America Strategic Fund continues as the top performer YTD in our rankings despite falling -1.83% in May.

The Argentinian-based hedge fund has a primary event driven strategy looking for mispriced securities in the region, alongside momentum trades and a range of fixed income instruments.

Following behind is BNP Paribas’s Asia Convertible Bond which was up 4.88% in May.

David Tepper’s flagship $7.95bn Palomino fund is the largest fund in the top 20 and continued its impressive YTD with a rise of 2.61% in May.

Other notable names on the list include Deer Park Road’s $1.5bn STS Partners Fund, which was up 1.41% in May and is heading towards double digit returns as we move towards the middle of the year.

Axa private selection open bonds and  the Stornoway Recovery Fund make up the rest of the top five with YTD returns of 11.81% and 11.19% respectively.

International Investment Advisers’ leveraged high yield fund remained in the top ten despite a tough May which saw it lose -5.41%. It is still showing impressive YTD returns of nearly 10%.

The Alt Credit Intelligence data pages are based on self-reported data provided to Morningstar and a number of other sources plus some self-reported returns provided to the HFM team. The liquid alternatives spread is based on data from Morningstar and LuxHedge. If you would like your fund to be listed in future editions please contact

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Top Performers in May

Top Credit L/S FundIP All Seasons Asian Credit Fund$237m5.62%
Top Convertible ARBBNP Paribas Asia Convertible Bond$130m4.88%
Top Fixed Income ARBBarnegat Investments Ltd$669m2.52%
Top Distressed SecuritiesEndeavour Pembroke Fund Limited$33m4.21%
Top Credit FoHFLighthouse Credit Opp $383m1.20%
Top Alt Credit 40 Act FundGoldman Sachs Fxd Inc Mcr Strts A$67m2.00%
Top Fixed Income ARB UCITS fundAntecedo - CIS Strategic Invest€11m8.21%

Top 20 Overall YTD (May)

NameFund SizeTotal Return MayTotal Return YTD
Copernico Latin America Strategic$88 M-1.8320.28
BNP Paribas Asia Convertible Bond$130m4.8814.77
Palomino Fund$7.95bn2.6113.98
Stornoway Recovery Fund$25m1.6811.19
Andbanc Asset Management Astra Sicav€9m2.6010.09
Kane Street Fund$89 M2.899.96
IIA Leveraged High Yield Fund$20 M-5.419.54
Quest Global Convertible Fund$30 M2.299.24
Kayne Anderson Infrastructure Income$444 M1.129.16
Asgard Fixed Income Fund€263m-2.068.67
Deer Park Road STS Partners Fund$1.5bn1.418.55
JabCap Global Convertible fund$347m2.368.12
Perinvest Convertible€33m0.998.09
Finisterre Global Opportunity Master$867 M1.937.90
Raven Rock Credit Offshore Fund$247m0.887.88
Delta Prime ESSF - distressed debt€61m1.157.64
Cheyne Total Return Credit Fund$70 M-0.277.36
Sancus Capital Select Master Fund$39 M1.897.03
Salar Convertible Absolute Return fund$230m0.416.96
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