Duncan Sankey

Investing Post-Trump: Putting the ‘alt’ into Alt-Right

Duncan Sankey, partner and head of credit research at Cheyne Capital, highlights a number of

Ryan Flanders

Private debt management fees drop to eight-year low

Ryan Flanders, head of private debt products at Preqin, examines a fee evolution for debt

Floyd Tyler

Three credit opportunities in a low-yield world

Floyd Tyler, president and CIO of credit FoHF firm PreserverPartners, highlights attractive investment opportunities in

Chris Fenske

Prison bonds break out

IHS Markit co-head of fixed income pricing research Chris Fenske examines how the new US

Chris Fenske

The great bond rebound of 2016

Chris Fenske, co-head of fixed income pricing research at IHS Markit, examines last year’s energy

Emmett Kilduff

How alternative data monitors risks in the municipal bond market

How big data techniques are supplementing fixed income research

Ken Wainer

Targeting Brazilian SME lending opportunities

Why senior secured loans to SMEs secured by industrial real estate is an attractive risk-return

George Putnam

Still plenty of fuel in the distressed fire

Some bitesize arguments on why there remain plenty of opportunities

Nickolas Stukas

The credit investor’s new best friend

Nickolas Stukas, credit portfolio manager at Whitebox Advisors, on alpha creation techniques in the US

Rod Lockhart

Beyond Brexit: Real estate lending in 2017

Rod Lockhart, managing director at LendInvest Capital, on how Brexit, foreign investment and other factors

Renaud Champion

Opportunities in illiquid credit

La Française's Renaud Champion on investor appetite for illiquid credit

Guy Benstead

Fitting the analytics

Guy Benstead, partner at Cedar Ridge Partners, discusses how tools can help bond fund investors

Brendan Ross

Credit inefficiencies and the search for yield

Direct Lending Investments founder Brendan Ross on the big opportunities for private credit

John Timperio and Mary Bear

The work of complying with US Risk Retention Rules continues

Dechert's John Timperio and Mary Bear examine how managers are preparing for the impending regulation

Neil Servis and Hassan Jeraj

Should the ECB extend its QE to include SME CLO programmes?

Hassan Jeraj and Neil Servis from Serone Capital examine the landscape for CLOs following the

Chris Mawn

Libor benefits and changing regulations

Chris Mawn, portfolio manager at Highland Capital Management, discusses how firms can exploit rising Libor

Bob Press

Alternative lending: entrepreneur and investor benefits

Bob Press, CEO of TCA Fund Management Group, explores the growth in alternative lending strategies

Marc Schneider

Exciting times ahead for distressed-focused managers

Twelve Lions Capital founder Marc Schneider outlines where he sees value in the sector

David Riley

Time will test new BoE measures

David Riley explores how the BoE's renewed QE measures will impact credit markets

Adam Greenwood

Non-US investors and the lending trade-orbusiness debate

Adam Greenwood dissects the tax climate for non-US investors looking at loan origination

Gennaro Pucci

NPL investors rightly cautious on Italian banking crisis

Gennaro Pucci, founder of PVE Capital, analyses Italy’s current economic woes and interest in NPLs

David Morton

Risk and reward: Credit opportunities in 2016

Rocaton Investment Advisors' David Morton examines current investment opportunities and possible pitfalls