Matthew Rothfleisch

The SPAC renaissance

Rotation capital’s Matthew Rothfleisch tells Alt Credit Intelligence how the credit manager’s experience in LBOs

Chris Fenske

EUR High Yield Liquidity Remains Strong

liquidity in high yield bonds is surprisingly robust, but the picture is patchy across sectors

Jon Close

Fund in focus: BlueBay’s Credit Alpha Long Short Fund

security selection around macro themes pays off in Europe for BlueBay's long/short fund

Rishi Ganti

Esoteric assets as an antidote to market valuations

These days, you have to look far beyond the universe of traded credit markets to

Duncan Sankey

Extending a liquidity lifeline to investors in corporate credit

Investors should turn to the CDS market, as Bloomberg data shows the lack of liquidity

Jon Close

Algomi knows who has those bonds you want

Having built a technology empire on the trading desks of banks, Algomi’s Stu Taylor hopes

Hart Woodson

Benefits of convertible bonds in a Solvency II environment

European insurers will benefit from switching from bonds and equities into convertibles under Solvency II,

Jon Close

Featured fund: Millstreet Credit Fund

Boston-based manager comes good with 2016 trades

Richard Harland

Growth in private debt puts strain on back offices

As investors pile into direct lending, managers have to beef up their back office

Martin Haycock

The case for convertibles in uncertain times

Fisch Asset Management’s Martin Haycock makes the case for convertible bonds in a time of

Alt Credit Intelligence

A leveraged loan: the squeeze is on

Ellington Management's Robert Kinderman finds a lack of call protection may be sapping value from

Alt Credit Intelligence

Midstream debt vs equity

BlackGold Capital Management’s Sharam Honari and Shalin Patel find value in midstream credit, which has

Chris Fenske

Puerto Rico bonds and bond insurer CDS come under pressure post-Maria

Chris Fenske, co-head of fixed income pricing research at IHS Markit, on the effects of

Paul McMillan

We’re all reporters now

Transparency is coming to the credit market whether we like it or not, and fund

Alt Credit Intelligence

Systems, operations, transparency and trade reporting

Rob Shaw, CFO at Apera Capital talks to Alt Credit Intelligence about how getting operations

Chris Fenske

Where did this year’s bond sector spreads end up after a rate shock?

Chris Fenske, co-head of fixed income pricing research at IHS Markit, on how rates move

Jon Close

Are There Still Opportunities in Structured Credit Hedge Fund Strategies?

Agecroft Partners' Don Steinbrugge assesses the persistence of structured credit hedge funds, now that the

Michael Hattab and Stéphanie Ferrieu

The ripples are still being felt in financial CDS from 2008’s tsunami

Financial CDS has become complex in the ten years since the global financial crisis, but

Philip Cenateimpo

Coming to a terminal near you

Bloomberg has evolved from being a simple data provider to a financial markets powerhouse.

Aba Schubert

Single in name only

Aethel Partners analyses Europe’s system for dealing with troubled banks

Susan Barreto

Boaz Weinstein moving forward again in the hunt for yield

Saba Capital founder discusses low vol and distressed markets in latest interview