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At AsiaHedge Towers this month much of the chatter across desks has been focused on one thing – our first

Staying sanguine

The market correction in early February should not dampen the broader outlook for Asia-focused hedge funds

Good news abounds in Asia

Continuing strong economic growth in China is still the focus of global attention

What a difference a year makes: Asia is back on a roll

So far this year Asian hedge fund managers have comfortably outperformed their counterparts in the US and Europe

Calm before the storm?

Many traders believe that markets could be ripe for a technical correction

Time for Asia hedge funds to shine amid global uncertainty

The first half of 2017 has not been an easy time for new funds in the Asian region

Navigating the markets in a time of high unpredictability

In changeable times, China’s ‘Silk Road’ initiative provides a strong anchor for regional growth

India on the rise: managers make hay as market flies high

India is featuring ever more prominently on investors’ radar screens these days. The renewed optimism over the country’s prospects looks to be well deserved and follows a raft of reforms initiated by Narendra Modi’s government to transform the economy.

Asia’s hedge fund industry evolves in more challenging times

It’s cherry blossom time again in Tokyo. The spectacle heralds the beginning of a new season – symbolising renewal, rebirth

Will 2017 mark a turning point for hedge fund performance?

Hong Kong was in a celebratory mood this month, and for good reason. Its stock market ushered in the Year of the Rooster with the bravado of a testosterone-driven prize-fighter as money flooded in from the mainland

Is the Asian hedge fund industry starting to go its own way at last?

Could this be an inflection point for the Asian hedge fund industry – a juncture at which it decouples from

A cheery summer for Asia

The summer months have brought renewed buoyancy to Asian markets and helped to boost hedge fund returns in the region after a testing time

Growing pains in China’s private funds industry

China’s $750 billion private fund industry undergoes a transformation but still shows strong potential

Opportunity amidst the adversity

Even as the Brexit fall-out keeps the world markets on their toes, Asian hedge fund managers are combining man and machine to deliver some impressive returns


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Asia, the UK and the EU

Asia’s strong links with the UK raise the potential stakes for many of the region’s leading economies and markets on the eve of Britain’s crucial EU referendum vote

Taking stock of Asia

As the yen reached a 17-month high against the dollar this month, the nervousness among US funds was palpable. Historically, this dynamic has set the alarm bells ringing as it has almost always had an adverse effect on US stock prices

In the eye of the storm

Aradhna Dayal, editorIn Beijing for company visits, a prominent US hedge fund manager was perplexed earlier this month to find