Asian funds trail key performance benchmarks in January

AsiaHedge Composite Index gained only 1.83% against a 4.43% surge in the MSCI Pacific Free Net Index

Hong Kong’s Foundation China strategy continues strong run into 2018

Foundation generated returns of 10.91% in January

Asia-based macro managers start the year strongly

Performance was robust for Asia’s macro funds in January but returns may come under pressure as market conditions shifted earlier this month

Hong Kong quant fund Acrometric shines

The macro fund run by young Macquarie University PhD graduate Simon Wong delivered 41% last year

Providing liquidity is BitSpread’s strategy for delivering returns in a highly-volatile digital currency world

The cryptocurrency specialists’ have developed a quantitative trading system to profit from the asset class’ arbitrage opportunities

Panah reaffirms Vietnam stocks after 2017 success

Malaysia-based AIMS Asset Management’s Panah Fund – an equity long/short vehicle with macro overlay focusing primarily on Asia to drive

Robust YTD returns for Warburton’s global macro strategy

2018 is shaping up to be a year of great opportunity for the fund

Spotlight falls on elite group of Chinese funds with stunning annual returns

Several China-focused strategies doubled their clients’ money over 2017

DTCIM reaps the rewards of an evolving economy in China

DTC China New Impetus Fund delivered 48.88% in 2017

Monsoon Capital’s rainmakers beat MSCI India again

Monsoon India Dynamic Alpha Fund beat its benchmark MSCI India Index for the fourth year in a row

India managers take plaudits as Asia’s best performers in 2017

Mumbai’s Sensex was one of Asia’s best performing markets last year, but was also one of its more volatile, turning it into a rich and fertile ground for outsized performance by hedge fund strategies

ChinaRock generates more than 100% return in 2017

The fund made most of its gains from event-driven bets

Singapore crypto fund gains 24%

OC Horizon FinTech’s performance was mainly derived from its blockchain equity holdings, rather than high market cap cryptocurrencies

India and China managers extend lead after October gains

Overall, the AsiaHedge Composite is up by almost 10% for the year on a median basis

Sloane Robinson’s SR Japan on a roll again, up 19% YTD

Although the market is at multi-year highs and could correct, any dip would likely be used as a buying opportunity

Pair trading fuels strong Equilibria performance in Japan

The fund’s pair-trading approach was particularly successful in chemicals during October

Neutron motors on semiconductor, silicon wafer positions

Ho anticipates stock rotation as investors start repositioning for 2018

Long bet on bitcoin boosts Warburton macro performance

Warburton believes the digital asset class will become increasingly institutionalised