Singapore crypto fund gains 24%

OC Horizon FinTech’s performance was mainly derived from its blockchain equity holdings, rather than high market cap cryptocurrencies

India and China managers extend lead after October gains

Overall, the AsiaHedge Composite is up by almost 10% for the year on a median basis

Sloane Robinson’s SR Japan on a roll again, up 19% YTD

Although the market is at multi-year highs and could correct, any dip would likely be used as a buying opportunity

Pair trading fuels strong Equilibria performance in Japan

The fund’s pair-trading approach was particularly successful in chemicals during October

Neutron motors on semiconductor, silicon wafer positions

Ho anticipates stock rotation as investors start repositioning for 2018

Long bet on bitcoin boosts Warburton macro performance

Warburton believes the digital asset class will become increasingly institutionalised

Coupland Cardiff’s CC Asia thrives on undervalued stocks

The firm’s view is that the region is still under-appreciated by global investors

8 Dragons flies high on technology and consumer holdings

The 8 Dragons China Opportunities Fund gained 2.24% in October

Singapore-based global macro fund PruLev flies in October

The fund’s Class B shares delivered a 16.7% return in October

Casey Quirk sees boom in China asset management sector

Retail and high-net-worth investors will power the growth of the industry

Australian equity-focused Paragon gains 14% in October

Paragon Australian Long/Short Fund had another spectacular month in October

UG, Value Partners, Graticule, Anatole lead AsiaHedge Awards 2017 winners

The AsiaHedge Awards 2017 celebrated excellence in risk-adjusted performance among Asia-Pacific hedge funds

India and China funds lead strong Asian YTD performance

Indian equity-focused managers were up a median 26.60% to the end of September

China and Japan funds forge ahead as Indian managers falter

Indian managers as a group suffered the worst performance during the month

Long positions drive Akamatsu gains in Japan small-cap rally

The short book has generally not performed as well, given the rising market, but it has still made money in three out of the last four months

Wykeham Asia profits on bitcoin-related tech and real estate

Wykeham Asia was up 2.9% in September, taking year-to-date numbers to 6.65%

Paragon rides positive electric vehicles policy shift in China

The fundamentally-driven vehicle runs a concentrated portfolio of high-conviction stocks

Martin Currie Japan eyes good long/short alpha opportunities

Martin Currie Japan was up 3.8% in September, lifting YTD numbers to 10.5%