Computational Linguist

United Kingdom, London


Help us create beautiful new solutions to some of the world’s toughest Natural Language Processing challenges.  Winton is launching a new Artificial Intelligence Institute centered on NLP and we are looking for three experts to make our dream a reality. Based in London, the group will focus on applied research in areas such as natural language understanding, machine translation, parsing and grammar induction, sentiment analysis, dialogue systems, and question answering. This sophisticated handling of language is at the forefront of Winton’s overall growth plans.

We will make three key hires into the group:  a Computational Linguist, a Machine Learning Researcher and an NLP Researcher. Reporting into our Head of AI, all successful applicants will work closely together to build up Winton’s expertise in this field. We are looking for people who are keen to innovate, collaborate and build an exciting new business in one of the fastest growing global companies.


To give you some history, Winton was founded in 1997 and is a global investment management and data technology company that uses the scientific method to develop intelligent investment systems. Across the company we employ researchers with backgrounds in statistical data modelling and machine learning application areas across Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering where they can focus on long-term projects in fields ranging from data science to understanding extreme events. Today we employ over 450 people based in nine global offices.


  • Industry experience and/or a Ph.D. in Linguistics & Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science or a Linguistic-related field
  • Deep understanding of complexity of language structure in terms of morphology, syntax and semantics.
  • Interest in metaphors or non-literal language
  • Previous experience creating and managing dictionaries, electronic ontology, writing grammar rules, etc
  • Experience designing and implementing a testing framework
  • Strong programming or scripting skills would be beneficial
  • Experience with using R or python for research
  • Passionate about language and artificial intelligence
  • Flexible thinker with an entrepreneurial mind-set
  • An enthusiastic and collaborative approach to research, fuelled by the desire to work with colleagues as motivated as you are
  • Drive to solve problems quickly and build whatever is necessary along the way
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

We offer a highly competitive salary with quarterly bonuses as well as fantastic benefits including family healthcare cover, pension scheme and free lunch.


How to Apply

To apply, please visit: 

Please quote the "HFM Jobs Board" in the subject line of your application

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