Size of the dog in the fight

CTA Intelligence investigates the pressures facing emerging managers and how start-ups can stand out from the crowd

How reliable is crisis alpha?

Some managers embrace it, others eschew it. Neuron Advisers explores what lies beneath the caution

Wage wars: the battle for quant brainpower

CTAs are gearing up to fight a war on two fronts for top-level quant talent

Inflation: What it means for commodities and CTAs

Arctic Blue Capital analyses the key theme linking the US Federal Reserve tightening cycle and Donald Trump presidency

Swapping out

As the SEC’s derivatives crackdown is paused, mutual fund companies are building on strong asset flows with a number looking to move from swaps to flat-fee structures

A grey cloud lifts over managed futures mutuals

What Jay Clayton’s SEC will mean for rule 18f-4

Opening a new door on an old CTA business

CTA Intelligence speaks to Chris Hehmeyer about his firm’s acquisition of a long-time peer

Family Fortunes

With worries over frothy equity markets from certain quarters, family offices are showing an increasing interest in managed futures

FCMs’ still haunted by the past

FCMs still face challenges despite the potential lifting of regulations and higher interest rates

Manager survey: state of the industry 2017

CTAs are brushing off poor performance in 2016 with the expectation of inflows rising as investor interest picks up amid global uncertainty

Can Trump make CTAs great again?

Will Trump-driven volatility lead to a resurgence in trend or will CTAs suffer in a rising interest rate environment?

The big market moves for managed futures in 2016

Efficient Capital analyses last year’s ups and downs for CTA strategies

Countdown to launch

The CEO of Launchpad Trading, Nancy Andrews, speaks to CTA Intelligence about new managers and investor interest

Shifting parameters

Can CTAs turn big data into big profits

Managed futures Top 50 2016

CTA Intelligence’s annual top 50 survey rounds up the world’s largest CTAs

CTA giants left deep in the red after Trump victory

Large CTAs slumped to a third consecutive month of losses in October and many were hit by market reversals around the US election

Could Trump call time on Reg AT?

The clock is ticking on the CFTC’s efforts to push Reg AT into law before the controversial Republican takes office on 20 January

Putting CTAs on South Korea’s MAP

As Shinhan Investment Corp prepares the launch of a systematics-focused platform, CTA Intelligence catches up with head of business development Sooch Park