The convexity of trend-following

CFM research finds trend-following strategies can protect your assets, but perhaps not as much as you would like

The return of volatility

The market sell-off provides a test for CTAs, and investor sentiment

Quants could split business to benefit from tax cuts

CTA Intelligence explores the potential restructuring options for quant firms to lower tax exposure after US reforms

Eastern horizons

A series of developments in China herald more opportunities to trade and raise funds. Is it time to Enter the Dragon?

Manager survey: State of the industry

CTAs enter 2018 with improved performance, asset inflows and more positive expectations for the year ahead

Inside Winton’s data hive

Carly Minsky examines how a spin-out from the quant giant is fusing crowdsourcing and AI to solve complex data problems

Managed Futures Top 50

Counting down the biggest CTAs on the planet

Are regulators cyber secure?

Industry concern mounts over risks of data breaches

A story of volatility

The extent to which volatility harms or benefits an investment strategy depends on the choices made by the manager

Bitcoin futures: when will CTAs jump in?

Ginger Szala explores the frenzy as US exchanges prepare to launch cryptocurrency derivatives contracts

The new frontiersmen

CTA Intelligence examines the rise of the alternative markets CTA and operational challenges they face

Futures stars: 12 for 2018

Rounding up the hottest new prospects in managed futures

Why managed futures should not be judged by their indices

Kettera Strategies cautions dismissing an entire asset class due to the performance of its most highly publicised subset

HFM compensation survey 2017

Annual compensation survey reveals pay levels for key talent at CTAs and hedge fund firms

Out of the blocks

How distributed ledger technology could change the managed futures business

Trading cryptocurrencies

A viable opportunity for institutional investment managers?

Is there a place for discretionary CTAs in an algo-mad market?

Ginger Szala explores what the future may hold for the discretionary trader

Breaking the brand

Have CTAs outgrown their label?