Peter Moon

The erosion of strategy edge

3SD Capital’s Peter Moon on the power of negative correlation in a crowded space

George Ralph

Adjusting to GDPR

RFA's George Ralph discusses the General Data Protection Regulation and what impact it will have

Jeff Malec

What can managed futures expect from ‘The Great Rotation’?

RCM Alternatives’ Jeff Malec on the end of the multiple decade bond rally

Catherine Streeler and James Morek

Solving the cash conundrum

BlackRock's Catherine Streeter and James Morek on emerging trends in cash management within the alternatives

Chris Hawes and Matt Smith

Could Trump call time on Reg AT?

The clock is ticking on the CFTC’s efforts to push Reg AT into law before

Richard Casciani

NFA calls for closer scrutiny of CTA books

Proposals require additional financial reporting by CPOs and CTAs

Jeff Malec

Are you keeping up with the rest of the managed futures space?

RCM Alternatives’ Jeff Malec offers a marketing pep talk for the final quarter of 2016

Stephen Klawitter

CTAs set to thrive at end of QE era

With 8 years of QE behind us, can CTAs benefit from the Fed's rate policy?

Nell Sloane

Rational investing in radical uncertainty

As event-driven volatility rises, Capital Trading Group’s Nell Sloane looks at hedging tail risk

Richard Heffner and Andrew Hougie

Brexit: what it means for the CTA industry

Dechert maps out the potential impacts on the regulatory landscape

Nell Sloane

CTAs and hedgies: the quest for performance

Capital Trading Group on why managed futures may be the better bet

Matthew Bradbard

Ag traders time to shine?

RCM Alternatives on why discretionary grain traders could be ready for a performance breakout

Richard Baker

Getting it right

MFA president Richard Baker on Reg AT and modernising market risk controls

John Cummings

Are alt mutuals eating from the CTA pie?

RCM Alternatives on private fund versus mutual fund growth

Nell Sloane

Putting a price tag on talent

Capital Trading Group's Nell Sloane on paying for pure alpha products

Karen Wuertz

Advancing cyber-security

Karen Wuertz on the NFA's new interpretive notice

John Cummings

Get out there and sell, sell, sell

RCM Alternatives' John Cummings on getting the message out to investors

James Koutoulas and John Roe

How to reform the NFA’s corporate governance

Outgoing board members James Koutoulas and John Roe offer some recommendations

Nell Sloane

2016 could be best year for CTAs since 2008

Capital Trading Group founding partner Nell Sloane puts the case for a strong year for

Ben Warwick

Searching for alpha

The biggest trend catalysts for 2016

Nell Sloane

Keep calm and carry on

Capital Trading Group’s Nell Sloane looks ahead after a year of doubts and uncertainty