Data provides deep insights into the hedge fund landscape. Our evolving online resources provide instant access to key compliance guidelines, personnel, funds and allocators.

Data products overview

  • HedgeCheck
  • A regularly updated and fully searchable database of key metrics at both management firm and fund levels, including key personnel, current service providers, strategies and assets under management.
  • ComplianceCheck
  • A regulation database providing instant access to key compliance guidelines. HFM members can access insight on marketing, reporting, short-selling, tax and domiciliation rules in 50+ countries.
  • AllocatorCheck
  • A global database of active hedge fund allocators. Users of the database can search by allocator types - including pension funds, endowments, family offices and funds of hedge funds etc - and access full contact details.
  • VendorCheck
  • Make intelligent and informed buying decision with the HFM service directory, an all-inclusive database of key industry expert contact details.


Searchable, accurate and regularly updated HedgeCheck is the best benchmarking tool to compare your business against its immediate peer group and understand service provider provision at a detailed fund level.

  • Organisations
  • Understand the global reach, AuM, staff headcount and central contact details of all key global management firms.
  • Funds
  • Drill down into each management firm's underlying funds, enabling users to understand current AuM and key service provider relationships.
  • People
  • Accurately identify and contact each management firm's c-suite, including COO, CFO, general counsel and CCO.


This evolving online resource provides instant access to key ComplianceCheck - including marketing, short-selling and domiciliation rules - across 50+ relevant territories. The content has been created and curated by expert counsel across the globe.

  • Reach and Benefits
  • +50+ relevant territories from all over the globe
  • +Browse a host of country specific guidelines, as well as download associated pdfs
  • +Contact expert counsel via country's key contacts box
  • +Make informed decisions on prospective new jurisdictions
  • +Equip teams with easy to access, consistent, reliable information
  • +Save sales, marketing and legal teams hours of research
  • +Ensure effective and compliant sales trips and marketing exercises


Fully searchable and customizable, the database provides hedge fund marketing,
sales and investor relations professionals with a pre-screened list of potential investors.


Search across over key global allocator institutions covering multiple investor types


Updated on a daily basis by our research team - HFM is home to the fastest growing directory of active hedge fund investors


Find the emails, postal address and telephone numbers of over 6000 potential clients.

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