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The number 1 data source for hedge fund professionals

The combination of hedge fund performance and investor data makes HFM data unique. This enables you to discover valuable sales leads, benchmark competitors and conduct meaningful due diligence.

Our dedicated team of researchers provide you with the latest hedge fund performance, as well as detailed information on allocators to hedge funds and the latest hedge fund mandates, making our data the go to for all hedge fund industry professionals. We continuously update and grow our database with new fund and firm profiles.

We have over…

20,000+ Hedge Fund profiles

8,000 Active funds

$3Trn In Assets under Management

3,800 Investor profiles

Our Members

We have a diverse, global membership base.

  • Allocators to hedge funds
  • Hedge funds and other asset managers
  • Service Providers

Data Only

Access to all our Data Products

Become a data member and access up to date fund performance and investor profiles whenever you want in a format to suit you.

Full Membership Access

Combine Data with News and Networking

Benefit from access to the whole HFM portfolio, including the latest hedge fund industry news, data and insights, as well as an array of exclusive, member-only events.

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Management Company Data

Maintained by our dedicated in house research team the HFM Data Platform now gives our clients access to over 27,000 named key contacts globally across the top Management Companies.

  • Generate new business by segmenting your prospects by total AUM, strategy and location.

  • Use the profile information to find and target key people within the organisation.

  • The company profile within the database also includes current service providers to help you refine your pitch.

Fund Data

The number one source for global hedge fund performance data.

Focusing purely on hedge funds, with long-only funds excluded, our fund performance data is the most authentic in the market.

The data monitors investment terms, strategy and historical AUM, as well as contact information and related news for each fund listed.

Our global team of journalists and research editors pride themselves in the integrity of the data they provide, by regularly speaking directly to the funds; whilst our in-house data specialists routinely track the latest fund performance of those listed, providing you with timely data.

Fund Data on desktop


Live league tables

Keep on top of fund performance within a particular strategy and adjust the time period for historic comparison.

Monitor specific funds

Respond faster to industry changes; Personalised alerts notify you of key personnel updates, changes in strategy or fund performance updates.

Key contact information

Up to date contact details for every fund, so you know who to speak to quickly and easily.

Benchmark performance

Compare funds and configure performance parameters to download the data critical to you, in any format, in one click.

Data Points

In addition to a fund’s investment terms, we collect the following data points from our funds on a monthly basis.

Monthly Returns

Direct Contact Information

AUM and NAVs

Compound Returns

Sharpe Ratio

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Investor Data

Stay ahead of the competition with timely sales leads.

Our investor data tracks active investors within the hedge fund industry, providing you with valuable sales contacts to help enhance your business. Tailor and save your searches tailor and save searches specific to your requirements to discover the most valuable leads effortlessly.

Investor profiles are regularly updated with the latest changes in asset allocations, amendments to manager rosters and developments in search activity.

Investor Data on desktop, tablet and mobile


Investor Profiles

Find, analyse and download detailed investor profiles including contact information, asset allocations, manager rosters, consultants and mandates.

Email Alerts

Create personalised email alerts to so you receive the information you need as soon as it is reported.


Pinpoint new and future sales opportunities using specific search criteria, including regions, investment styles and mandate size, as well as a history of previous mandates dating back to 1995.

What people say about us

We have come to rely on HFM as the best source of intelligence on the hedge fund space. It carries news on the latest launches, while its events are the best industry gatherings for this sector’s key decision maker. Our membership to HFM continues to be invaluable.”
Consultancy Leader at a global prime brokerage business
(HFM Data)... is a very useful tool for us, supporting our quantitative work with its extensive performance database, and complementing the qualitative aspects with its helpful news service across all regions. We don’t use many external providers in these areas, preferring to focus on the best.

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