Hedge Fund Performance Database

Our global hedge fund and fund of hedge fund performance database enables industry professionals to benchmark performance, conduct meaningful due diligence and discover valuable sales prospects.

The number one source for hedge fund performance

Focusing solely on hedge funds, long only funds are excluded, making our database highly targeted for anyone looking for the purest hedge fund data.

Our global team of journalists and research editors in the field speak directly to the funds regularly, and our in-house data specialists routinely track the latest performance of the funds listed.


Live league tables

Keep on top of fund performance within a particular strategy and adjust the time period for historic comparison.

Monitor specific funds

Create watch-lists and data alerts to track specific funds.

Multi-format access

Query the data in your preferred format, by extraction or feed to 3rd party tool.

Benchmark fund performance

Create customised indices to compare funds.

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List Your Fund Performance

Our performance data is strictly only accessible to verified investment professionals. We approve all access before it is granted so you can be reassured that performance data will not be seen by anyone who does not qualify.

Why list in our database?

  • A free and easy way to increase exposure to investors
  • Become eligible for our industry-leading performance awards
  • Allow investors to conduct due diligence
  • Enable peers to benchmark performance
  • Opportunity to differentiate your fund from others within the same strategy or asset class

Who are our members?

We have a diverse, global membership base comprising:

  • Hedge funds
  • Allocators to hedge funds (FOHFs, Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Family Offices)
  • Service Providers (Banks, Brokerages, Law Firms, Consultants, Advisors)

Allocator Check

Fully searchable and customizable, this database provides hedge fund marketing, sales and investor relations professionals with a pre-screened list of potential investors.

  • Search across over 4,000 key global allocator institutions covering multiple investor types
  • Updated on a daily basis by our research team – HFM is home to the fastest growing directory of active hedge fund investors
  • Find the emails, postal address and telephone numbers of over 6,000 potential clients.

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Becoming an HFM member opens up a whole world of benefits for you, your organization and your bottom line. Start a no obligation free trial to experience our award winning service yourself.

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