Editor’s letter: Personality test

Trio of industry stars with distinctive surnames – Jabre, Coffey, Rokos – in the spotlight

Trump’s trade wars: Could tariff battles upset global growth?

We retain an upbeat view on global growth, despite concerns on trade

Disruption – for good and bad

Disruption is in the DNA of the hedge fund industry – but challenges await

Welcome to your new-look EuroHedge

After almost two decades at the heart of Europe’s hedge fund industry, we have updated the look and feel of the magazine

London calling: looking ahead to the EuroHedge Summit

Au revoir Paris, hello London

Spike in volatility sparks acid test for hedge funds in 2018

The long-anticipated return of volatility was violent when it came

EuroHedge Awards winners review a year full of surprises

EuroHedge Awards winners reveal their best trades and biggest surprises of 2017

Award winners of 2017 discuss the outlook for 2018

The winners of the 2017 EuroHedge Awards reveal their predictions for what could be a turbulent year

Building momentum again after good 2017 industry vintage year

After the trials and tribulations of previous years, 2017 was a banner year for hedge funds – not just in Europe, but around the world

Top managers pitch best ideas at Sohn London event

Some of Europe’s leading hedge fund managers pitched their best investment themes for the year

Quant is all the rage as investors seek risk mitigation

Crisis protection has become a priority for investment consultants and institutional investor committees

Testing boundaries with human and machine strategies

There is a growing sense that the alternative investment industry is starting to move into new and potentially ground-breaking areas

12 months on, the industry has a spring back in its step

Roll forward a year and the industry is in very much more buoyant shape going into the second half of 2017

Fees: shaping the future for an evolving industry

It does now seem absurd that for so long there was an ‘industry standard’ on fees – 2 and 20 – in an industry that is so far from being homogeneous

A time of opportunities, and a time of challenges

There was certainly no shortage of talking points at the HFI European Summit 2017 in Paris this month, as leading managers, investors and counterparties assembled at the industry’s big annual European get-together

A new model for a new era

In the hedge fund world, it is clear that the industry is going through a sea-change – and one that will create as many opportunities for those that are able to adapt to it as it poses threats to those that are not

Buffett wins bet this time, but what about the next 10 years?

You don’t get to be “the world’s greatest investor” without having a pretty cute sense of timing – and the Oracle of Omaha certainly has that gift in spades