Meadows back on track in macro with 25% January gain

After big losses in 2015 and 2016, Neil Meadows spent 2017 diversifying his portfolio and reducing volatility. Now his fund has started 2018 with an impressive 25% January gain and he believes the time is right again for discretionary macro to thrive

Quant boutique Aphilion sees pick-up with new approach

The previously high-flying quantitative equity long/short strategy now appears to be back on the right track following a period of sub-par performance, thanks in a large part to the founders’ decision to implement new approaches and stricter limits on the fund’s position sizing and portfolio rebalancing

Trium’s UCITS platform taps fast-accelerating global demand

Independent specialist alternative asset manager Trium Capital is starting to build up good momentum with its investor-focused UCITS fund platform – aiming to add several new funds to the line-up this year to fill out its suite of hedge fund products

Swiss-based Teleios flies high with collaborative activism

The experienced team have racked up 20%+ annual returns in the four years since inception, deploying a value-based strategy based on close engagement with managements and other key stakeholders

Old and new managers take the trophies in a strong year

The 17th EuroHedge Awards brought success for firms old and new – after a year in which many funds and firms across the board posted strong results

CIAM on a roll, lines up new event/activist Ucits fund

Paris and London-based hedge fund is set to launch the Satellite Event Driven UCITS Fund in March

Sydney-based Antipodes expands international reach

Jacob Mitchell’s Sydney-based firm has been building momentum since launch less than three years ago

Capricorn team adapt to ‘new normal’ after 2016 loss

Long-running global emerging markets team at Capricorn Fund Managers implement changes after a big drop in 2016 to get back on the winning track with their high-conviction long/short investment strategy

Sloane Robinson on a roll in 2017 as EM powers gains

Although much smaller now than in years gone by, veteran London-based firm has had a terrific 2017 – achieving good double-digit returns this year across its diverse range of long/short equity strategies

Dyson’s Edale leads field with European equities fund

Sloane Robinson veteran Rupert Dyson is having a banner year with his long-biased European equity hedge fund strategy, which incorporates a blend of growth and value-oriented stock-picking techniques

Ex-BTG Pactual team up and running with Amia in macro

The founders of new London-based macro/EM manager Amia Capital have taken the chance to create their own company in their own style – building on their long experience working together and some lessons learned along the way

Insch prospers with novel Kintore FX/gold CTA strategy

Veteran currency and commodities fund manager Christopher Cruden has delivered strong returns with his systematic trend-following gold and FX strategy during a time when many other CTAs have struggled

JKIM eyes growth with long-running Global Opps fund

Having built a 14-year track record quietly from their base in Surrey, Simon Jones and Francis Kirkpatrick are looking to expand the investor base for their high-performing global multi-asset JK Global Opportunities fund, four years after the strategy was converted to a UCITS vehicle back in 2013

Principia gathers pace on Hedge Invest UCITS platform

Long-establised European long/short equity manager Marc Chapman’s Principia looks set for further growth after its acquisition in March by Milan-based alternatives firm Hedge Invest in a move that expands HI’s growing product range

CTA Garraway takes different route to trend-following

Garraway Financial Trends takes a different route from many other managed futures and trend-following firms – deploying a tactical and balanced approach towards the various markets that it trades

Z Investment builds traction with bank capital strategy

Former Barclays structured capital team racks up a robust track record with a strategy that focuses on the regulatory changes that have impacted the market for bank capital financing

Orbis thrives with 27-year-old global equity hedge fund

Bermuda-based Optimal hedge fund follows a classical ‘unconstrained’ strategy – targeting alpha through a long-term, value-based, concentrated and often contrarian approach to global equity

CCI eyes healthcare recovery, targets Europe via UCITS

Oliver Marti and his team are optimistic about the future of the healthcare industry and are seeking to rebuild assets via a well-established UCITS fund, among other vehicles