JKIM eyes growth with long-running Global Opps fund

Having built a 14-year track record quietly from their base in Surrey, Simon Jones and Francis Kirkpatrick are looking to expand the investor base for their high-performing global multi-asset JK Global Opportunities fund, four years after the strategy was converted to a UCITS vehicle back in 2013

Principia gathers pace on Hedge Invest UCITS platform

Long-establised European long/short equity manager Marc Chapman’s Principia looks set for further growth after its acquisition in March by Milan-based alternatives firm Hedge Invest in a move that expands HI’s growing product range

CTA Garraway takes different route to trend-following

Garraway Financial Trends takes a different route from many other managed futures and trend-following firms – deploying a tactical and balanced approach towards the various markets that it trades

Z Investment builds traction with bank capital strategy

Former Barclays structured capital team racks up a robust track record with a strategy that focuses on the regulatory changes that have impacted the market for bank capital financing

Orbis thrives with 27-year-old global equity hedge fund

Bermuda-based Optimal hedge fund follows a classical ‘unconstrained’ strategy – targeting alpha through a long-term, value-based, concentrated and often contrarian approach to global equity

CCI eyes healthcare recovery, targets Europe via UCITS

Oliver Marti and his team are optimistic about the future of the healthcare industry and are seeking to rebuild assets via a well-established UCITS fund, among other vehicles

Hadron grows event-driven range with less-liquid fund

The less liquid Hadron Fund Series II is designed to enable founder Marco D’Attanasio and his team to cover a broader range of investment opportunities and target a higher risk/reward profile

Entrepreneurial spirit drives momentum at KeyQuant

Since inception in 2009, founders Raphaël Gelrubin and Robert Baguenault de Viéville have built an innovative and growing operation during a turbulent time for many systematic trading firms

Tolomeo gains traction in systematic short-term equity

Since launching in 2011 as a spin-out from the quant and risk management unit of a large Swiss family office, Tolomeo Capital is raising its profile and attracting new clients

Triton Value thrives on ‘collaborative activism’ strategy

Former Cevian Capital and SEB European equities portfolio manager Roger Hagborg has generated striking numbers with the mid-cap value-focused strategy

High-conviction global equity approach pays for Altavista

High-conviction and long-term, alpha-focused investing approach has delivered good gains for the fund’s often contrarian global equity strategy – especially in bad and volatile stockmarket periods

Activist-led CIAM follows UK expansion with 13% Q1 gain

The Paris-based event-driven firm is in growth mode, with a new office in London and recent hires including an experienced equity partner and a new head of sales development – while its fund is making hay, thanks to a long-running activist play on Euro Disney

CTA Mount Lucas targets Europe with MLM Index UCITS

Long-established US-headquartered manager rolls out UCITS version of its 25-year-old MLM Index investment strategy at a time of rising global investor demand for exposure to beta, liquid alternatives and alternative risk premia

Carter’s SW Mitchell small-cap equities strategy on a roll

Jamie Carter is seeing the start of a recovery in the European equity markets at long last, and is making strong alpha-driven returns from active stock-picking in the small-cap space as he consolidates his offshore and UCITS vehicles into a single regulated fund structure

Polish hedge fund pioneer Macromoney builds momentum

Believed to be the only true hedge fund boutique operating from Poland, Macromoney has made annualised returns north of 22% since launching its equity-biased macro strategy in 2013. Now the firm is targeting a wider audience with a London presence

WHARD Stewart targets diverging global monetary policies

Five years on from its launch by a team of former JP Morgan prop traders, the emerging markets-focused macro manager is building momentum both in terms of performance and also in assets under management

New beginning for Usai’s Pelagus under Mavors banner

Under the new banner of Mavors Investment Managers (MIM), Bruno Usai has separated from The Mako Group and taken his 10-year-old fixed-income relative value fund fully independent. He has also launched a second, UCITS-compliant version of the strategy, and is looking to rebuild assets under management in what promise to be more volatile times this year

Moore veteran de Langlade on a roll with EDL in macro

Veteran Moore macro manager Edouard de Langlade is on a roll with his EDL Capital operation, returning over 18% in 2016’s volatile environment and already growing assets under management to almost $500m