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Awards UK | 03 September 2020

HFM European Technology Awards 2020

HFM European Technology Awards 2020 acknowledge and celebrate IT and software providers serving the hedge funds that have demonstrated exceptional customer service…

Awards US | 16 September 2020

HFM US Services Awards 2020

The HFM US Services Awards return for 2020 to honor providers of services and solutions to the hedge fund sector that have…

Awards UK | 14 October 2020

HFM European Quant Awards 2020

Recognising firms that have outperformed their peers as well as those service providers demonstrating exceptional client service and innovation. 

Awards US | 05 November 2020

HFM US Performance Awards 2020

The HFM US Performance Awards showcase and reward those hedge funds and FoHFs that have outperformed their peers over the past 12…

Awards UK | 17 November 2020

HFM European Emerging Manager Awards 2020

The HFM European Emerging Manager Awards celebrates the funds under 3 years, with extraordinary returns.