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Awards UK | 03 September 2020

HFM European Technology Awards 2020

Celebrating IT and software providers serving the hedge funds that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past 12 months

Summits | 03 September 2020

HFM European Technology Forum 2020

The virtual HFM European Technology Forum has been launched to provide a platform for senior technology professionals within European hedge funds.

Awards US | 16 September 2020

HFM US Services Awards 2020

The HFM US Services Awards return for 2020 to honor providers of services and solutions to the hedge fund sector that have…

Summits US | 16 September 2020

HFM US Leadership Forum 2020

Bringing together hedge fund leaders from across North America to share the latest trends and industry updates.

Summits UK | 21 September 2020-22 September 2020

HFM European Operational Leaders Summit 2020

The 11th annual, invitation-only, educational and networking forum for senior executives from the $900bn European hedge fund industry

Awards UK | 14 October 2020

HFM European Quant Awards 2020

Recognising quant funds and CTAs that have outperformed their peers as well as service providers demonstrating exceptional client service and innovation

Summits UK | 14 October 2020

HFM European Quant Virtual Summit 2020

An exclusive educational and networking event open to a select audience of senior operational, investment and asset-raising professionals from leading European quant funds and CTAs

Awards US | 05 November 2020

HFM US Performance Awards 2020

The HFM US Performance Awards showcase and reward those hedge funds and FoHFs that have outperformed their peers over the past 12…

Awards Asia | 12 November 2020

HFM AsiaHedge Awards 2020

The HFM AsiaHedge Awards will recognise Asia-Pacific managers that have generated the best risk-adjusted returns in their respective areas over…