European law firms target SEC whistleblower rewards

‘Whistleblower alliance’ to help non-US employees bring enforcement action to the SEC

Donald Trump to impose five-year lobbying ban on govt staff

Executive order could impact hedge funds hiring SEC, CFTC and Treasury officials

Office of Financial Research calls for Form PF additions

Forcing VaR reporting and position-level data will give regulators a better risk outlook, says OFR

CFTC and Korea agree to cross-border supervision of clearers

Regulators sign Memorandum of Understanding on Friday

DDQ: Dodd-Frank reporting obligations

US and non-US industry participants hit by rules

CFTC/NFA issue report relief to certain CTAs

Form PR filing exemptions covers those not directing client commodity interest accounts

SEC commissioner: Should we regulate alt mutual funds differently?

An SEC commissioner has questioned whether liquid alternatives should be regulated in a different way to other mutual funds and

NFA CEO identifies cyber-security as “important” focus

Cyber-security has been an “important focus all year” for the National Futures Association, the overseer of hedge fund and CTA

CFTC chair urges EU not to “get stuck” on harmonisation

Nation-states must still take responsibility for implementing their own national regulations and not get “stuck” on the idea of harmonisation,

SEC promises swaps rule relief for overseas hedge funds

Non-US hedge fund managers engaging with US personnel on trades with non-US banks have been granted an exemption from complying

Hedge funds face tough SEC pay disclosure rules

The SEC is proposing tough new disclosure rules that could force senior hedge fund executives to publish a clear link

SEC set to extend swap rules on non-US firms

The SEC is set to extend its swap rules to non-US hedge funds and banks trading with overseas clients. Speaking

SEC pays $600,000 to whistleblower at hedge fund adviser

The SEC has paid out more than $600,000 to a whistleblower who faced “unacceptable” retaliatory action from a hedge fund

New Volcker carve out to stave off hedge fund redemptions wave

Big foreign investors, including a number of high profile sovereign wealth funds, will not now be forced to redeem investments

NFA to produce cyber-security guidelines by Spring

Futures regulator the NFA plans to produce a set of advice for its members on cyber-security issues, it was revealed

House committee rejects 29% CFTC budget increase request

A US House of Representatives Committee  has rejected a request by President Barack Obama to increase the CFTC’s budget by

NFA highlights hedge fund reporting struggles

Hedge fund managers registered as commodity pool operators (CPOs) with the NFA struggled to complete new forms, the self-regulatory organisation

Republicans pass bill to unwind parts of Dodd-Frank

Republican-led amendments to Dodd-Frank, including a controversial delay to implementing the Volcker rule, have been passed in the House of