HFM Compliance

Solvency II: Challenges for Hedge Fund Managers

Confluence analyst assesses the impact of Solvency II for hedge funds

Sam Dale

SEC Form ADV reforms signal wider transparency drive

The SEC is extending Form ADV reporting requirements to managed accounts

HFM Compliance

Why research unbundling matters to US fund managers

European investment rules could have a global impact

HFM Compliance

Why delaying implementation on Mifid II could cause problems

“A CIO should be able to see the completion of a trade wherever it is

HFM Compliance

CCOs quit hedge funds over regulatory Sword of Damocles

Nigel Farmer discusses the impact of growing CCO liability in the United States

Charles Pine

New York CCOs face tough new AML and anti-terrorist financing regime

Charles Pine explains the tough new rules from New York state

Michael Sheen

Editor’s View: Under pressure

We discuss the biggest topic affecting our sector this month

Sam Dale

What you need to know about regulatory changes in Singapore

MAS is making big changes to market structure from cyber-security to distribution

Sam Dale

Editor’s View: Managers fight back against SEC

We discuss the biggest topic affecting our sector this month

HFM Compliance

How to comply with the new EU securities financing rules

Dechert lawyers explain teh new rules sweeping across European firms this year

Chris Josselyn

InvestorWatch: FCA targets investment consultants

UK regulator is investigating conflicts of interest at investment consultants

Anthony Payne

Case study: Websites

How managers can use sites to build their brands, communicate and stand out

Daksha Baxi

No MAT levy on Hedge Funds or foreign companies in India

The Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) has been operative in India for 23 years. The provision

Abigail Bell

Case study: Emir

Will you see the elimination of Isda agreements under Europe's OTC derivatives regulation?

Simon Whiteside

Case study: AIFMD passport

How do managers prepare for the possible passport extension?

Jeffrey Kirk

Structuring offshore hedge funds in BVI

Business Companies are the most prevalent form of BVI fund vehicle

Chris Josselyn

DDQ: Dodd-Frank reporting obligations

US and non-US industry participants hit by rules

Chris Josselyn


Potential implications of AIFMD on transatlantic capital flows could be significant

Neil Simpson

Structuring for success: LLP or Ltd?

First requirement of the hedge fund business structure is limited liability

Simon Wright

Case study: Esma AIFMD Q&A

What are the key takeaways from the most recent Esma Q&As on the application of

Kamlesh Chauhan

VAT changes to watch out for

The VAT year end for most HFM’s takes place in between March and May. In

Helena Derbyshire

Case Study: Non-Competes

Q: How should hedge fund firms handle non-competes?  A: Any employer starts on the back