Tax – US

UK tax agency ignores landmark LLC ruling

HMRC says Anson case facts unique but lawyers still to refer to case as leading authority

Trump turns ire on ‘hedge fund guys’

Republican presidential candidate criticises current US tax laws

Hillary Clinton calls for exec pay shakeup and activist regs

Presidential candidate says she will increase capital gains tax for many investors in the top tax bracket

US tax bill targets hedge funds acting as reinsurers

Senate Finance Committee chairman Ron Wyden has proposed a new bill to clampdown on certain hedge fund reinsurance structures. Under

Senators reveal carried interest clampdown bill

A bill to raise the tax rate on carried interest to the same level as income tax has been introduced

Congressman makes fresh push for carried interest reform

Democratic congressman Sandy Levin is set to launch a fresh assault on the taxation of carried interest with a new

HMRC axes late Fatca filing penalties as tech woes continue

Firms will not face fines where “reasonable excuse” can be provided

EU and US fail to reach deal after Emir equivalency talks

The European Commission and CFTC have again failed to agree a deal on an equivalency regime for central counterparties (CCPs)

Aima publishes new guidelines for fund directors

Significant changes to the role and responsibilities of fund directors and boards has prompted trade body Aima to update its

Mitsubishi warns of looming Cayman Fatca deadlines

Hedge funds will have to short window to register for the Cayman Fatca portal by 30 April and report shortly

BVI opens Fatca notification/reporting portal

The British Virgin Islands has launched its BVI Financial Accounting Reporting System (BVIFARS) to enable hedge funds and other financial

Non-US funds trading convertible debt may face new tax hit

Non-US hedge funds trading US convertible debt through derivatives could be hit with a withholding tax due to the emergence

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Loan origination funds trading in the US to be hit by 54.5% tax

Offshore hedge funds that engage directly or through master fund partnerships in certain lending and/or stock distribution (underwriting) activities in

Obama plans tax raid on investments and new balance sheet tax

US president Barack Obama is planning an increase in capital gains tax and to remove a rule that allows portfolios

Democrats defy Obama with FTT proposals

High ranking Democrats in the US have set out proposals to implement a financial transaction tax on market trading despite

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