Investors and managers – how aligned are expectations?

HFM InvestHedge showcases a number of IR and investor-related findings gathered from the HFM Insights team over the last six months

Profile: Oregon’s slow build

Putting the $1.9bn hedge fund portfolio of the beaver state’s public pension fund under the microscope

Build or buy: drilling down into CRM systems

Carly Minsky highlights some of the aspects hedge funds should consider when weighing up off-the-shelf or customised solutions

Putting the spotlight on OCIOs

Outsourcing the top investment post yields mixed reviews on hedge fund allocations

Second quarter kicks off with muted gains

April sees FoHFs deliver mixed results across the board

FoHFs fall in March to round off eventful first quarter

Almost half of multi-manager peer groups fall into negative territory YTD

Getting ready for GDPR

The data protection regulations could have a significant impact on certain aspects of marketing and sales – HFM InvestHedge explores the regulation’s implications for IRs

Fee disclosures: a request too far?

Chris Clair highlights the emerging transparency trend among US public pensions and explores what it might mean for hedge funds

Profile: Shining a light on LumX

Post-merger and following an 18-month transformation, HFM InvestHedge catches up with Eric Bissonnier to discuss the firm’s new direction

Internalised and idiosyncratic: AP1’s new HF approach

Martin Källström discusses the changing focus of the Swedish pension’s hedge fund portfolio

FoHFs fall by 1.1% in February as markets falter

Losses pare back strong start to 2018

RIC Watch: Man FRM boosts l/s equity, trims macro and credit

The $16.8bn FoHF tops up its Egerton allocation and drops Anchorage, SEC filings for multi-strat fund show

ESG: the next demand on hedge funds?

Investment consultants say their clients are increasingly pushing managers to integrate ESG into their processes

Mifid II: What are investors thinking?

Three months on from when the regulation went live, HFM InvestHedge looks at how investors are treating key issues, such as research unbundling, and whether allocators and managers are aligned

FoHFs outperform single manager hedge funds in strongest January since 2013

Multi-manager index gains 1.8% in January

MAP assets see strongest growth in five years

Platforms advance by 23% in 2017

HFM InvestHedge Billion Dollar Club: Full-year 2017

Constituents drop by 8.7% while full-year 2017 assets rise by 3%

The industry gatekeepers

Advisory and discretionary assets on the rise, but regulatory scrutiny and tough competition keep hedge fund investment consultants on their toes, HFM InvestHedge finds