Marketers on the move

Sasha Jensen, founder and CEO of Context Jensen Partners, outlines her hedge fund hiring outlook for 2018

Undercover IR: Solving the fee ‘problem’

One business development pro on making negotiations work better for managers and investors

Undercover IR: The golden goose no more?

Traditional seeding is increasingly challenged, one IR argues

Undercover IR: Predators or partners?

While caution is required, investors that run their own strats don’t have to spell danger, says one sales pro

Going in-house: will the DIY approach catch on?

Internalising some HF strategies can create cost savings and manager collaboration, investors explain

Machine learning: Getting an investor’s view

FoHF Aurum explains its approach to assessing hedge funds that claim to use much-hyped machine learning techniques

FoHF industry growth muted as Super League players dominate

Largest FoHFs continue to grow while MAPs top $100bn

Undercover IR: Personality problems

One IR reflects on the double-edged sword of personality within the industry, whether controlling their own or someone else’s

Undercover IR: The name of the game

One IR chief who has held roles on the buy- and sell-side hits back at cap intro-bashers

Computers are reprogramming hedge fund strategies and investor mindsets

Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies (ALIS) represent the new computer-led revolution

Selling customised products

Sasha Jensen, CEO of Context Jensen Partners, discusses the pros and cons of diversifying beyond a flagship, commingled offering for marketers

Substance over style

Finex’s Andrew Gebhardt highlights why exclusionary lists are the best way to show ESG-compliance

Are traditional FoHFs dead, or just an un-hip, ageing product?

In the court of public opinion, traditional commingled fund of hedge fund investing is dead – and arguably has been

Best practice: Launching an alternative Ucits fund

Stephane Berthet discusses the main considerations for setting up an alternative Ucits fund

Parallel problems

Thomas Deinet, of the Hedge Fund Standards Board, looks at how managers can identify and address conflicts of interest

Getting more impact from investor letters

Allocator missives are a valuable way to cement client relationships, says Kyle Dunn, founder of marketing communications firm Meyler Capital

Selling multi-asset products

Sasha Jensen, CEO of Context Jensen Partners, explores the challenges for firms offering products that blur the lines between different strategies and asset classes

Investor intelligence: Avoiding the churn

How applying behavioural checks and balances has improved Aurum’s hedge fund selection process