Catching the eye

Investor sentiment towards equity long/short may be thawing, but how do managers in the most-populated hedge fund sector stand out?

Investor appetite indices: ESG

ESG funds have become an established part of the hedge funds universe since 2008, research from IRHalo and Blue Lion indicates

Chasing the green dollar

HFM Investor Relations looks at allocator appetite for ESG investments and business practices, and how managers can tap into a growing trend

Profile: Art of the deal

EnTrust’s merger with Permal at the start of last year was the latest consolidation deal in the FoHFs world. HFM Investor Relations checks in with CEO Gregg Hymowitz to review progress

Distribution trends

In-depth survey by HFM and Citco reveals preference for direct sales tactics, HNW capital and customisation

Industry under attack

Criticism from the media and politicians comes with the territory for many managers. HFM Investor Relations investigates the best coping mechanisms firms should be considering

Selling in a liquid alts slowdown

With the post-crisis period of strong liquid alternatives growth in the US and Europe at an end, what does the future hold for hedge funds looking to enter the retail market?

Q&A: Bruce Zimmerman

The former Utimco CEO and CIO shares his experience managing the $37bn endowment portfolio

What are the investor gatekeepers thinking?

HFM Investor Relations takes stock of the investment consultants responsible for putting, or pulling, billions into hedge funds

Breaking barriers to entry

What keeps two European allocators from investing in hedge funds

2016 investor review of the year

HFM Investor Relations refl ects on some of the major allocator trends that have made headlines and highlights some of the key highs and lows of 2016

Building alternatives

HFM Investor Relations speaks to Bryan Mullin, the newly hired head of alternatives of RBC’s US wealth management unit about why the Canadian bank is looking to build its alternatives footprint

Moving in Sync

HFM Investor Relations looks at the importance of aligning IR with other business functions

Q&A: Wilshire Consulting

Jonathan Miles, managing director and head of hedge fund advisory at Wilshire Consulting, talks to Sasha Jensen, CEO of Context Jensen Partners, about his firm’s approach to manager due diligence and how hedge funds can play a role in client portfolios

Unleashing the Matrix

Albourne Partners sets out its price discovery fee plans

Managers need to adapt to changing investor preferences

EY’s Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey shows demand for broader alts offerings

The challenges of marketing structured credit

HFM Investor Relations speaks to $3.8bn Zais Group’s president and CEO Mike Szymanski, and Greg Barrett, head of business development and client relations, about getting investors comfortable with the asset class

Profile: Kentucky shake-up

HFM Investor Relations speaks to the Bluegrass State’s $15bn retirement system about its hedge fund redemption plans, approach to the space and need for a cheaper, less complex portfolio