Best practice: Launching an alternative Ucits fund

Stephane Berthet discusses the main considerations for setting up an alternative Ucits fund

Parallel problems

Thomas Deinet, of the Hedge Fund Standards Board, looks at how managers can identify and address conflicts of interest

Getting more impact from investor letters

Allocator missives are a valuable way to cement client relationships, says Kyle Dunn, founder of marketing communications firm Meyler Capital

Selling multi-asset products

Sasha Jensen, CEO of Context Jensen Partners, explores the challenges for firms offering products that blur the lines between different strategies and asset classes

Investor intelligence: Avoiding the churn

How applying behavioural checks and balances has improved Aurum’s hedge fund selection process

Undercover IR: Is cap intro past its sell-by date?

One business development pro laments the lack of active investors that many events attract these days

Undercover IR: The art of differentiation

Hedge funds need to show how they outshine their peers or risk shutting down, one IR argues

Best practice: Crisis management

Bell Pottinger and Michelmores Solicitors discuss the importance of having legal and communications services work in tandem in the face of a crisis

Fair value?

Following the conclusion of a lawsuit filed by Canadian pension giant PSP against Saba Capital, independent due diligence provider Laven Partners highlights some of the key issues they look for around hedge fund valuations when reviewing managers

Risky business

As competition heightens for direct lending deals, managers raising senior debt funds should expect increasing scrutiny on sourcing, risk and fees

California dreamin’

There’s plenty of wealth on the West Coast but for hedge funds, the prospects are not always golden.

Undercover IR: Time to fix a broken system

One IR* calls for the shake-up of US state pension staff to remedy poor hedge fund decision-making and improve long-term returns

Embracing ESG

Four considerations for IRs wanting to tap into a growing trend

How to hire a specialised marketer

Sasha Jensen, CEO of Context Jensen Partners, looks at the growing need for strategy-specific skills in the hedge fund salesforce

Fiduciary fear and loathing

Seward & Kissel highlights the best and worst case outcomes of the Department of Labor’s incoming fiduciary rule

10 commandments for pitch book success

Some cardinal rules for creating effective presentation resources

Undercover IR: SMAs – perception vs reality

One investor relations pro looks at the double-edged sword that managed accounts represent

Investor intelligence: Unlocking returns?

Less liquid, higher risk co-investment opportunities require nuanced investor evaluation, so managers should be prepared to answer difficult questions, says Paamco