Pensions should recognise oft-forgotten benefit of HFs

Cambridge Associates reminds pensions that hedge funds are capital protectors in turbulent times

A long way to go

Adhering to responsible investment principles requires more than surface-level commitment from hedge funds, says Marianne Scordel

Undercover IR: Managing (great) expectations

Hedge funds need to work harder if they want to maintain their fees, and marketing personnel have to be much closer to their investment teams, says one US-based IR*

The scarlet letter(s)

Side pockets need to shake off their stigma and start being used to help investors, Aksia’s operational due diligence team argue

Spotting value in event-driven strategies

There are a number of challenges this market could face which IRs need to be aware of

Vetting managers

Typhon Capital Management’s CIO, David Klusendorf, and James Koutoulas, CEO, highlight some of the points they look to cover when vetting prospective managers

The latest excuse

One London-based IR asks how long investors will remain bearish on the sector and hopes for a fresh start in 2017

Best practice: Considerations in the face of California’s new fee disclosure law

Ropes & Gray highlight the Golden State’s new pension transparency initiative and what hedge fund IR personnel need to be aware of

Marketing materials that matter

10 tips to get investors engaged with your pitch book

Niche alternative strategies

Asset-raising for esoteric offerings will inevitably raise questions

Allocator checks are on a two-way street

One investor relations pro based in Asia reflects on the due diligence that managers should do on potential investors

Marketing quant funds to investors

The key points IR personnel need to consider when selling machine-driven strategies

Undercover IR: Bigger isn’t always better

Picking your partners based on the promise of cap intro isn’t always a good idea

Open Protocol: what you need to know

What managers should ask themselves when considering signing up to the reporting initiative

Focus on size and specialism

PraXis Partners’ president and head of strategy Joe DiMartino argues emerging and specialist managers need to leverage their outperformance

Best practice: Enter the marketing consultants

In the face of industry headwinds, hedge funds and their partners need to adopt a more sophisticated approach to marketing, Castle Hill Capital Partners’ Andrew Saunders argues

Meeting investor demand for longer lockups and less correlation

Sasha Jensen, founder and CEO of executive search firm Context Jensen Partners, highlights the growing demand for illiquidity

Finding the niche: Looking for pockets of fertile opportunities

Stenham Advisors’ global macro head outlines how they view the global macro space