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Mapping the data landscape

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Golden opportunities

HFMTechnology visits hedge funds in The Golden State to see what’s trending in techtopia

A shared future

A special news report analyses why mutualised compliance solutions are becoming more attractive methods of managing regulatory demands

Shredding the office: Tech considerations when winding down

CTOs report troubles with certain vendors and challenges dismantling hardware when winding down. But how much should these potential concerns mould the way a firm sets itself up and builds out?

Time to spread the coding love?

How far should you be encouraging non-developers to code and what business benefits could this bring?

Blockchain-driven smart contracts to revolutionise derivatives and futures markets

Isda to develop formal standards for self-executing derivatives contracts

Honey, I shrunk the office

Remote working demands the right tools and infrastructure, but also the right attitudes

Going green

Sustainability rises in importance as storage and computing requirements increase

Firms must block unwanted research under Mifid II

The Financial Conduct Authority backed Esma’s demands in its final Mifid II report

Webinar: Data integrity and how innovation can provide a new control framework

Our latest webinar, hosted in association with Gresham Tech, drills down into some of the potential pitfalls managers face when

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Often-overlooked workflow management technology may hold the key to crucial collaboration

How will automation shake up compliance?

RegTech advancements are easing workflows and opening up new opportunities to impress investors

Build, buy or rent?

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HFMTechnology explores why women are so massively under-represented in asset management technology roles

The rise of high-frequency information

Will the early bird always catch the alpha and how are firms trying to compete in this rapidly evolving space?

Human risk: training staff on cyber defences

Turning employees into cyber soldiers

Trump administration targets H-1B visas for tech workers

Additional requirements to prove specialised skills and higher minimum salaries could hit hedge fund tech teams, but others say impact could end up being small