Tech planning for scenarios A, B, C, D and E

CTOs note the need to be nimble in an increasingly challenging marketplace

A new industry utility? DE Shaw Group spin-out on changing times

HFMTechnology hears why former DE Shaw Group CTO Gaurav Suri thinks the hedge fund sector is due for a shake-up

The inside story

Following a number of high-profile examples of insider risk in recent years, hedge funds are increasingly having to take a proactive approach towards internal monitoring.US firm RedOwl talks about its services to HFMTechnology

Chain reaction

With the focus on blockchain technology from the financial services industry increasing, HFMTechnology takes a look at how hedge fund firms can incorporate blockchain into their systems

Secret CTO: Top Trump?

With the election of Donald Trump as president, a London-based CTO gives his verdict on what it means for data storage

Mifid II compliance

HFMTechnology (HFMT): Are banks, hedge funds and alternative investment funds you work with on track to meet the Mifid deadline?

Last person standing

CTOs and consultants open up about the challenges of winding down a hedge fund’s IT system

The battle over exchange data

Managers feel they are being exploited with high data prices, but could things be about to change?

Why invest in CRM solutions?

While expensive, CRM programmes are helping IR pros meet their growing client, compliance and marketing needs

Betting on Big Data

HFMTechnology examines how alternative data techniques are becoming more accessible to smaller managers

Muddying the cloudy waters

CTOs and legal experts call for the FCA to provide more clarity on cloud usage

HFM Live: Prioritize Security Before The SEC Comes Knocking

Between audits by the SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) and the increasing savviness of investors, being able to

From garden shed to Steve Cohen investment: HFMTech talks to Quantopian’s CIO

Landmark investment heralds new chapter for crowd-sourced firm

Hybrid solutions tipped as more managers embrace the cloud

CTOs still wary of security issues but solutions are evolving at a fast pace

Ransomware is on the rise

CTOs note an uptick in certain cyber-attack attempts as criminals continue to evolve their tactics

Prime broker technology

As regulation impacts the capital requirements of banks, so prime brokers are using technology to innovate and be more efficient in the way they serve hedge fund clients

Cyber troubles at the SEC

A scathing report on the state of the SEC’s cyber defence mechanisms has raised questions about management and technology resource at the regulator

Joining the dots: Trends in hedge fund technology recruitment

HFMTechnology looks at how hedge funds are approaching CTO hires and building internal teams