Outdated software costs firms $1.5bn, report says

Research finds that ineffective software management stifles innovation

The future of agile and automated services

Technology leaders are gearing up for a cloud-driven, open-source, Software-as-a-service, blockchain revolution

Hedge fund survival depends on digital leadership, KPMG research report finds

Firms are stuck in nascent stage of digital adoption, and pace of change is slow

Software supply chain

Casting light on the confusing world of open-source licences

Inside the hive

Following recent announcements from Winton Group’s data business Hivemind, HFMTechnology takes a virtual tour inside the colony

Blockchain practicalities move up the agenda

Feedback to the Financial Conduct Authority’s discussion paper highlights next steps for distributed ledger technology

Pressure mounts over regulators’ cyber-security

Letters from the MFA to the NFA and the CFTC urge the regulators to rethink their data security

Mapping research management services

Exclusive research by HFMTechnology provides a comprehensive view of the main vendors and their services

The Wild West

Technology leaders at HFM’s recent US summit predicted anarchistic chaos at the frontier of the future

OMS providers insist they are on track for Mifid II trade reporting

But CTOs remain concerned about getting ready for the Mifid II January deadline

Managing research under Mifid II

For the first time, many firms will have to monitor and measure the true value of research; meeting the challenge requires brand new solutions

Watching the watchmen

The winds of regulatory change blow only towards greater information disclosure, which makes security breaches at the agencies all the more worrying

The word on the street

All the tech talk you might have missed at HFM’s European Operational Leaders Summit

Mapping the data landscape

How much do you need to know about alternative sources of alpha?

Golden opportunities

HFMTechnology visits hedge funds in The Golden State to see what’s trending in techtopia

A shared future

A special news report analyses why mutualised compliance solutions are becoming more attractive methods of managing regulatory demands

Shredding the office: Tech considerations when winding down

CTOs report troubles with certain vendors and challenges dismantling hardware when winding down. But how much should these potential concerns mould the way a firm sets itself up and builds out?

Time to spread the coding love?

How far should you be encouraging non-developers to code and what business benefits could this bring?