Build, buy or rent?

HFMTechnology explores the myriad options not included in an outdated dichotomy

Where are all the female hedge fund techies?

HFMTechnology explores why women are so massively under-represented in asset management technology roles

The rise of high-frequency information

Will the early bird always catch the alpha and how are firms trying to compete in this rapidly evolving space?

Human risk: training staff on cyber defences

Turning employees into cyber soldiers

Trump administration targets H-1B visas for tech workers

Additional requirements to prove specialised skills and higher minimum salaries could hit hedge fund tech teams, but others say impact could end up being small

Democratising hedge fund technology

With start-up and ongoing costs associated with certain strategies significant, could a greater culture of sharing resource lead to better outcomes for managers and their investors?

Regulating alternative data

As European regulators grapple with how to supervise this growing part of the sector, there are calls for some legal clarity around big data usage

New products looking to disrupt the sector

HFMTechnology assesses some of the innovations CTOs are likely to see this year from a range of providers

Due for an upgrade? Refresh considerations for CTOs

With technology trends constantly moving forward, CTOs can’t afford to be left behind. We explore some of the key update and legacy issues the industry faces

CTO to CEO… How far will hedge fund technologists rise?

With CTOs increasingly likely to be part of a hedge fund’s management team or sit on the board, are the current crop of technologists the leaders of the future?

Tech planning for scenarios A, B, C, D and E

CTOs note the need to be nimble in an increasingly challenging marketplace

A new industry utility? DE Shaw Group spin-out on changing times

HFMTechnology hears why former DE Shaw Group CTO Gaurav Suri thinks the hedge fund sector is due for a shake-up

The inside story

Following a number of high-profile examples of insider risk in recent years, hedge funds are increasingly having to take a proactive approach towards internal monitoring.US firm RedOwl talks about its services to HFMTechnology

Chain reaction

With the focus on blockchain technology from the financial services industry increasing, HFMTechnology takes a look at how hedge fund firms can incorporate blockchain into their systems

Secret CTO: Top Trump?

With the election of Donald Trump as president, a London-based CTO gives his verdict on what it means for data storage

Mifid II compliance

HFMTechnology (HFMT): Are banks, hedge funds and alternative investment funds you work with on track to meet the Mifid deadline?

Last person standing

CTOs and consultants open up about the challenges of winding down a hedge fund’s IT system

The battle over exchange data

Managers feel they are being exploited with high data prices, but could things be about to change?