Carly Minsky

Tech Talk: Pluribus Labs

HFMTechnology chats predictive analytics and data science with Frank Freitas, CEO of Pluribus Labs

Carly Minsky

Context machine: A method for estimating technology spending

Exclusive preview of a study to define new metrics from publicly available data to measure

Carly Minsky

Secret CTO: whose word is it anyway?

This month’s focus on regulatory cyber-security left one firm wondering how to tackle counterparties

Carly Minsky

The ABCs of cyber-security

Brevan Howard’s ex-chief information and security officer Nic Miller goes back to basics

Carly Minsky

In pictures: HFM European Technology Awards 2017

Honouring the industry’s most innovative tech providers

Dr Sandra Watcher

The impact of GDPR

Dr Sandra Wachter, lawyer and postdoctoral researcher working on data ethics, demystifies the impact GDPR

Grant Fuller

Artificial intelligence: helping answer investors’ questions

AI researcher Grant Fuller of Blue Lion Research on how to get ahead of the

Secret CTO

Secret CTO: Fix your foundations for free

An anonymous head of security rallies against high-cost cybersecurity consultants and explains how to manage

Valerie Bannert-Thurner

The surveillance solution

Compliance, IR and operational efficiency are all better managed with surveillance technology, argues Valerie Bannert-Thurner,

Joe Hancock

No more excuses under GDPR

Mishcon de Reya’s Joe Hancock highlights a number of open questions around the upcoming European

Thomas Dionysopoulos

The fashion factor

Huge hype around machine learning for investment strategies is just another example of a dominant

Bijesh Amin

Three shades of grey market data

Extracting value from market data requires understanding where it falls on a visibility spectrum; the

Carly Minsky

Tech Talk: Altana Wealth

Bitcoin enthusiasts at Altana Wealth share their insights on blockchain’s potential

Secret CTO

Secret CTO: Modular systems make your life easier

Microservices and DevOps provide much-needed transparency and control, argues our anonymous columnist

Jacob Rusek

How to improve your data management

Steve Cheng, SVP, global head of Data Management Solutions at RIMES, argues that the costs

Carly Minsky

Tech Talk: Women in tech

Eze Castle's Dara Sue sits down with HFM Technology

Amal Robleh

Why hedge funds need mobile services

FIS’s Wayne Riches offers five reasons why firms should be considering more mobile solutions

Secret CTO

Secret CTO: Hire people who get things done

Our anonymous columnist explains how he gets around the commonly cited difficulties recruiting the right

Carly Minsky

Secret CTO: Is Bloomberg really best of breed?

This month an anonymous CTO calls for a comprehensive evaluation of various data providers

Andrew Scala

Getting your Mifid 2 RPA ready

Andrew Skala, business manager for research solutions at Bloomberg, offers some tips to unbundling ahead

David Hand

The danger of not seeing what isn’t there

Winton Capital Management chief scientific adviser and Imperial College professor David Hand explains why selection