Research and Data

Reader survey: cyber-security

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey examines how firms are bolstering their cyber defences

Reader survey: big data

HFMTechnology ’s latest reader survey examines big data and the scale of its uptake within the hedge fund sector

Half of buy-side firms are not confident with their IT infrastructure

SimCorp survey reveals that operational agility is the key to pursuing growth strategies

CTO research: What are funds outsourcing and keeping in-house?

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey finds managers are concerned about outsourcing to firms linked with other managers

IT refreshes: How often do they occur and what drives them?

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey finds compliance and security concerns are the biggest refresh driver

Data policies survey

This month’s HFMTechnology reader survey revisits hedge fund’s data handling policies

Data policy survey

This month’s HFMTechnology reader survey revisits hedge fund’s data handling policies

Social media policy survey

This month’s survey examines hedge fund staff use of social media platforms and the policies they have in place to mitigate risks

Cloud usage trends

This month’s survey takes a look at cloud usage by hedge funds across the globe, and follows on from earlier research HFMTechnology conducted in February

Internal IT compliance

In this month’s readership survey, we take a look at internal compliance practices at hedge funds and assess what IT practices firms implement for their staff

Looking at the cloud

In this month’s survey, we ask how many firms use public, how many use private cloud structures, and how many would consider using it in future?

Your views: the major technology challenges of 2016

What are the priorities for CTOs in 2016, and what is the current thinking around budgeting and vendor management?

Your views: The value of cyber-insurance

Most readers see the product as a box-ticking exercise rather than offering real protection

IT compliance

October’s study revisits themes of employee IT compliance

Cyber-security revisited

Analysing how firms have developed approaches over the last 12 months

Due diligence

August’s survey asks how investors are looking at technology and how firms are approaching due diligence on their service providers

The IT refresh

How do firms decide when to conduct technology refreshes?

Systems testing

How do firms approach systems testing within the organisation?