Research and Data

Mapping research management services

Exclusive research by HFMTechnology provides a comprehensive view of the main vendors and their services

Approaches to research management

HFMTechnology’s monthly reader survey puts some numbers on different attitudes to managing firm-wide research

Reader survey: Using cloud technology

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey explores the impact of cloud technology in the sector

Context machine: A method for estimating technology spending

Exclusive preview of a study to define new metrics from publicly available data to measure effective use of technology at hedge funds

Reader survey: GDPR and its impact

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey reveals what your peers are doing and thinking about GDPR

Virtual desktop infrastructure

HFMTechnology’s monthly reader survey takes a look at virtual infrastructure and tools for remote working

Reader survey: Social media and electronic messaging

HFMTechnology’s reader survey reveals trends in policies, concerns and practices around managing social media usage

ISDA sets formal standards for automated “smart contracts”

Distributed ledger technology in derivatives transactions “could improve efficiency and cut costs”, a report says

Reader survey: hiring developers

Readers reveal the key challenges and requirements when looking to hire software developers

Most managers report a ‘lack of clarity’ around Mifid II research unbundling

Almost all firms do not expect to be compliant before last quarter of the year, RSRCHXchange survey finds

Reader survey: data providers

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey evaluates market data price, accuracy and services

Reader survey: messaging services

HFMTechnology’s May reader survey reveals how the big names and newcomers compare on price, functionality and reliability

Reader survey: mobile management

HFMTechnology ’s latest reader survey looks at how much has changed around mobile management in two years

Reader survey: cyber-security

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey examines how firms are bolstering their cyber defences

Reader survey: big data

HFMTechnology ’s latest reader survey examines big data and the scale of its uptake within the hedge fund sector

Half of buy-side firms are not confident with their IT infrastructure

SimCorp survey reveals that operational agility is the key to pursuing growth strategies

CTO research: What are funds outsourcing and keeping in-house?

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey finds managers are concerned about outsourcing to firms linked with other managers

IT refreshes: How often do they occur and what drives them?

HFMTechnology’s latest reader survey finds compliance and security concerns are the biggest refresh driver