The slow but steady charge of the Canadian prime brokers

Several big banks are spotting opportunities to expand their services south of the border

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HFMWeek examines what attracts hedge funds to the West Coast 

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HFMWeek asks what’s next for the SEC’s Rule 18f-4 plans which would have hit managed futures mutual funds hard

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Specialist equity managers are back on the radar, but how do funds in the sector catch the eye of allocators?

Europe to remain Chenavari’s specialty

Loïc Fery, CEO & co-CIO of the $5.5bn manager, sets out where he is spotting growth opportunities across the continent

EntrustPermal interview: FoHF merger momentum

EnTrust combining with Permal at the start of last year saw two veteran FoHF names join forces. HFMWeek checks in with CEO Gregg Hymowitz to review progress

Cost pressures drive more firms to look at outsourced trading

Investor sentiment is slowly shifting as more emerging managers look to move trading functions to third-party providers

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The HFM Washington Report quizzes top policy experts on the latest political and regulatory moves likely to impact alternatives

The evolving trends in hedge fund distribution

In-depth research by HFM Global and Citco reveals manager preferences on product expansion, asset-raising and personnel

The SEC speaks: What is the regulator saying to hedge funds?

HFMWeek outlines five areas of focus for the US alternatives sector from the recent Washington DC conference

The drivers behind the increasing appetite to outsource 

Investor sentiment, recruitment dilemmas, technology innovations and cost considerations all highlighted   

Regulating big data: The concerns that need addressing

Experts raise a number of questions around liability, privacy and jurisdictional oversight

New consultant platform aims to squeeze costs

HFMWeek examines Willis Towers Watson’s digital marketplace for allocators and managers

Gauging the gatekeepers

HFMWeek takes a look at hedge fund consultants’ assets over the last 21 months amid poor industry performance and investor angst

Managing expectations: How a quest for control is driving managed account growth

HFMWeek examines why investors are increasing turning to these structures, despite manager reservations

SBCERA – driving a harder bargain

HFMWeek interviews the CIO of the $8.7bn San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association about recent portfolio shifts and the continuing pressure being applied on hedge fund managers

The Alphapipe-HFMWeek Service Provider Snapshot Q4:2016

Provider rankings remain largely unchanged as table-toppers go unchallenged in Q4

Healthcare under Trump: A new distressed play?

Managers say president Trump’s plans to ‘repeal and replace’ ObamaCare and crack down on drug companies could create new opportunities