Gauging the gatekeepers

HFMWeek takes a look at hedge fund consultants’ assets over the last 21 months amid poor industry performance and investor angst

Managing expectations: How a quest for control is driving managed account growth

HFMWeek examines why investors are increasing turning to these structures, despite manager reservations

SBCERA – driving a harder bargain

HFMWeek interviews the CIO of the $8.7bn San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association about recent portfolio shifts and the continuing pressure being applied on hedge fund managers

The Alphapipe-HFMWeek Service Provider Snapshot Q4:2016

Provider rankings remain largely unchanged as table-toppers go unchallenged in Q4

Healthcare under Trump: A new distressed play?

Managers say president Trump’s plans to ‘repeal and replace’ ObamaCare and crack down on drug companies could create new opportunities

What hedge funds want from president Trump

Tax reform, less rulemaking and a new SEC culture called for

Luxembourg’s Raif: Six months on

How the new Luxembourg fund structure is bedding in

A new perspective: Re-educating UK politicians on hedge funds

HFMWeek speaks to Labour MP Chris Evans about why he’s leading the charge to get Parliament to think differently about alternatives

Top 10 Ucits platforms 2017

Performance muted despite strong inflows into systematic launches

CTAs – five predictions for 2017

Short-term CTAs to thrive amid global uncertainties; tech-driven funds to challenge incumbents

Credit – five predictions for 2017

Credit launches to buck industry downturn with distressed plays likely to diversify and Eurozone fractures increasing credit appeal

Administrators – five predictions for 2017

Increased focus on cyber-risks with more M&A activity and diversification into PE predicted

European regulation – five predictions for 2017

What European managers can expect from regulators in 2017

Investors – five predictions for 2017

Continued fee pressure, more portfolio reviews and potentially a move towards smaller HFs

US regulation – five predictions for 2017

The end of SEC “broken windows” crackdown and more insider trading cases likely

Prime brokerage – five predictions for 2017

What the prime brokerage industry can expect for 2017

Will a landmark US insider trading case lead to more prosecutions?

Salman v US could spark fresh actions from the SEC and DoJ

2016: Performance review: Event-driven shines in year of surprises

Event-driven was the big winner in a year of healthy returns despite rocky start