Credit – five predictions for 2017

Credit launches to buck industry downturn with distressed plays likely to diversify and Eurozone fractures increasing credit appeal

Administrators – five predictions for 2017

Increased focus on cyber-risks with more M&A activity and diversification into PE predicted

European regulation – five predictions for 2017

What European managers can expect from regulators in 2017

Investors – five predictions for 2017

Continued fee pressure, more portfolio reviews and potentially a move towards smaller HFs

US regulation – five predictions for 2017

The end of SEC “broken windows” crackdown and more insider trading cases likely

Prime brokerage – five predictions for 2017

What the prime brokerage industry can expect for 2017

Will a landmark US insider trading case lead to more prosecutions?

Salman v US could spark fresh actions from the SEC and DoJ

2016: Performance review: Event-driven shines in year of surprises

Event-driven was the big winner in a year of healthy returns despite rocky start

2016: CTAs struggle to perform

Managed futures strategies see strong inflows but average returns set to end year in the red

2016: Prime brokerage trends

Repricing and demands for higher wallet share continued, but after cutbacks, some bigger players are now looking to grow their book once more

2016: Admin M&A activity falls

SS&C’s purchase of Wells Fargo’s $42bn admin unit was the most notable deal of the the year

2016: Investors down but not out

Negative headlines around fees and redemptions have dominated, but experts warn that allocators and their appetite for HFs shouldn’t be generalised

2016: Regulatory shocks from Brexit to Trump

Brexit and the US election signal regulatory change for global hedge funds

2016: A year of change with more to come

This year’s political upheaval and increasing fee pressures from investors set to reshape the sector

27th biannual AuA survey part 2 – FoHFs

Assets continue to plummet in the FoHF space with four out of the top five admins seeing a fall over six months

The 27th biannual assets under administration survey

Following a drop of 6% in overall AuA last time round, admin assets back on the up after 2% increase to $4.8trn

Prime broker update: Quants in favour as new entrants hover

HFMWeek assesses some of the big trends in the hedge fund PB space

The HFM seeding top 5 – 2016

This year has been a relatively quiet for dedicated fund action, characterised by opportunistic deals and smaller tickets