Michael Corcione

How US firms can deal with the EU’s GDPR

All firms need to comply – no matter where they are located

Sam Dale

Brexit could create tougher AIFMD II rules

The EC is working on its sequel for alternative managers

Adam Jacobs-Dean

Mifid II efforts pay off – although work remains

Attention turns to aspects of the directive that haven’t yet gone live

Carly Minsky

FCA shows the way with automated reporting pilot

Call for collaboration with other regulators is a welcome step

Jasmin Leitner

Is there such a thing as too much transparency?

COOs highlight balancing act between meeting investor requests and protecting data

Aneliya Crawford

Better talent is helping activists break through bigger firms

Companies targeted by well-informed HFs with good thesis end up implementing their actions

Paul McMillan

ODD experts highlight the pros and cons of cross-selling

Mifid II worries and third-party marketeer research also highlights of this week's issue

Jasmin Leitner

Love or hate them, third-party marketers are a part of the industry

But managers must invest time, and other resources, into making a TPM relationship work

Doug Morgan

What are the governance, risk and compliance trends set to shape 2018?

The past few years have been challenging times for the compliance teams of financial firms

Jen Banzaca

Will new regional rules help litigation financing take-off?

Rule changes in the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong could offer new opportunities to managers

Richard Baker

Trade body MFA sets out Mifid II and EU regulation concerns

Trade body head urges regulators to listen on a number of issues

Paul McMillan

Alternative financing options open up for managers

HFM takes a look at the platforms looking to match managers with investors offering financing

Nye Longman

Brexit could be an opportunity for UK as a hedge fund domicile

Several big industry figures see huge potential should the Britain decide to seize the day

Paul McMillan

US tax reforms and Brexit could offer HF opportunities

HFM examines possible restructuring opportunities in the US and why the UK may look to

Seda Livian

Hedge fund action points from US tax reforms

EY tax partner Seda Livian outlines the options that could be available to managers depending

Paul McMillan

Quant and a twist of credit drives HF manager Ucits growth

HFM’s annual Ucits platform study highlights strong growth

Molly Yakubian

What to expect from SEC electronic communications exam requests

Advisers should be prepared to produce firm communications

Jen Banzaca

More firms reviewing sexual harassment policies

Hedge fund executives get proactive in addressing potential issues