Mike Stenzler

What role does a CTO play when unwinding a fund

How to survive one of the more stressful experiences of your business career

Greenwich Connecticut
Sam Dale

Regulators turn focus to vendors’ cyber-security

Why it's an increasingly important consideration when funds are doing due diligence on service providers

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at Trident Tech, Norh Charleston, South Carolina, June 17th, 2015.
Sam Dale

SEC Form ADV reforms signal wider transparency drive

The SEC is extending Form ADV reporting requirements to managed accounts

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Cracks in the Ucits growth story

Some high-profile pullbacks and postponements reveal the brand has some flaws for hedge funds

Businessman is stacking coins
Alexandra Krystal

The transformation of hedge fund treasury functions

EY's Alexandra Krystal highlights consolidation of the financing role

Dean Curnutt

The behavioural bias towards herding

Melting option prices provide an excellent setup for a seasonal pop in volatility

Paul McMillan

Hedge fund ESG focus set to sharpen despite the cynics

Institutional investors driving increased take-up of responsible investing

Graduation Caps Throwing Air Concept
Michael Sheen

The hunt for a new generation of HF talent

Building your own pipeline of future employees

Christen Thomson

Gauging Asian investor hedge fund appetite

A look beyond the headlines reveals some significant growth

car on the road with motion blur background.
Paul McMillan

Big rise in quant and niche credit launches expected

Although launch activity has pretty much fallen off a cliff for the first half of

Stephen Lerner

Protest group Hedge Clippers set out their hedge fund concerns

Professor Stephen Lerner explains his issues with Puerto Rico, charter schools and inequality

Businessman drawing a map of Europe.
Sam Dale

Will Mifid research reforms end up costing investors?

Experts fears research reforms could end up costing investors more

London, United Kingdom - November 10, 2014: Night view of modern skyscrapers in Canary Wharf. The view includes Citi HQ and One Canada Square building.
Sam Macdonald

Citi back in admin ranks after retaining big clients

As highlighted previously by HFMWeek, Citi has held on to a number of larger clients

Bill Prew

The post Brexit future for the AIFMD depositary requirements

Market feedback on the value of the depositary function has been mixed

Manhattan, New York, USA
Adam Greenwood

Non-US investors and the lending trade-or-business debate

Adam Greenwood looks at the risks and benefits managers and investors need to consider for

Chess board business concept.
Jasmin Leitner

Survival of the fittest spells bad news for small HFs

Why the institutionalisation of FoHFs could see less capital available for emerging managers

Concept about the modern life - from fish to smartphone user - modern man
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: FoHFs evolving to avoid extinction

Firms continue to diversify services and consolidate assets, raising concerns for smaller manager allocations

Close up on two pages of a
Robert Duggan

What Brexit means for the AIFMD passport

Third countries must act now to safeguard their future relevance in Europe

NEW YORK CITY - SEPTEMBER 3 2015: Republican candidate for president Donald Trump announced he had signed a pledge not to run as an independent candidate should he fail to win the party's nomination in 2016.
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: How will a new president impact your firm?

The two candidates have provided widely different plans for reshaping the financial sector

World Map made up from modern blue circles different sizes isolated on white
Chris McKee

Developed world political risks can no longer be ignored

Recent and upcoming events in Europe and US need to be properly factored in

Todd Cipperman

How hedge funds can prepare for an SEC exam

Cipperman Compliance Services sets out the tried and true procedures