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Robert Duggan

What Brexit means for the AIFMD passport

Third countries must act now to safeguard their future relevance in Europe

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Chris McKee

Developed world political risks can no longer be ignored

Recent and upcoming events in Europe and US need to be properly factored in

Todd Cipperman

How hedge funds can prepare for an SEC exam

Cipperman Compliance Services sets out the tried and true procedures

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Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: More firms spotting mini-prime potential

Jones Trading the latest to make a mini-prime push with the hire of Wells Fargo

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Sam Dale

How hedge funds are revolutionising talent acquisition

Point72 Asset Management founder Steve Cohen cause a stir earlier this year when he lamented

Sasha Jensen

Brexit aftermath: UK alts managers indicate cautious optimism

Hiring and fundraising will continue among hedge funds, Context Jensen Partners’ Sasha Jensen predicts

Sam Dale

Regulators fight back with insider trading crackdown

FBI is launching 30 insider trading cases this year as SEC tightens exam programme

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Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: HFM research highlights pay divides

HFM's global compensation survey reveals a number of trends depending on strategy and AuM

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Sam Dale

How hedge funds can re-align to investor demands

It’s no secret that hedge funds have been having a rough time lately. As many

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Sam Dale

What now for EU rules without Britain at the table?

Lord Hill has left his post and warns of Franco-German influence over financial rules

Stephen Oxley

Don’t believe all you read; investors are backing hedge funds

Dispelling the simplifications, generalisations and occasional untruths in the popular press

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: No Brexit revolution but concern over waning UK influence

Little set to change structurally for most UK managers but worries over future rule-making

Hillary Clinton
Sam Dale

Could latest carried interest proposals provoke further backlash?

Reforming carried interest is a quixotic goal of US politicians but reforms have always stalled

Brexit: Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union to illustrate possible exit of Great Britain from the EU
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Investors look to avoid Swiss de-pegging re-run

Managers and investors prepare for crucial Brexit vote this week

Edward Klees

Protecting against bank cyber attacks

Edward Klees highlights five principles hedge funds can apply to improve their chances of asset

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: The ‘For Sale’ sign admin dangers

Why those involved in upcoming deals will want to keep them a secret as long

Brexit: Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union to illustrate possible exit of Great Britain from the EU
Art Markham

Brexit poll on a knife-edge: What would happen next?

Markets have been in turmoil as polls have begun to point to a Leave victory

The military ship on sea against heavy clouds.
Lance Gotko

Sea change ahead in New York employment law

Lance Gotko assesses the impact of proposed legislation on non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

Law gavel laying on various denominations of American money.
Sam Dale

Not all hedge funds back a Dodd-Frank repeal

Cost of further upheaval proposed by GoP may outweigh benefits

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Michael Sheen

Will launch hurdles create a boon for platform solutions?

Most challenging start-up environment post-financial crisis contributing to collapse in activity so far this year

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James Thomas

Making sense of California tax laws for hedge funds

EY's James Thomas looks at why a move away from tax based on physical presence