Josh Jacobson

Why hedge funds should pay attention to behavioural finance

Analysing biases in investment decision-making can save hundreds of basis points, argues Cheyne's equities COO

Jennifer McGrandle, Madeleine White and Peter Astleford

Maintaining confidentiality in fund documents: a realistic expectation?

Brevan Howard court ruling not a panacea; warns Dechert

Paul McMillan

Will tax reform really carry and the benefits of media engagement

Tax experts point to hurdles despite political consensus on the surface

Sam Dale

Can carried interest reforms be thwarted yet again?

The lobbying tactics will aim to ensure hedge funds are not targeted alone

Michael Sheen

No such thing as a free benefit

How PBs are hoping to avoid separate charges for services like cap intro and consulting

Paul McMillan

Mifid II clock ticking with little clarity on PB charging model

Investment banks and UK regulator appear at odds over charging for cap intro and consultancy

Jeffrey Saret and Subhadeep Mitra

Structural optimism in public pension plan return forecasts

Two Sigma Investment's Jeffrey Saret and Subhadeep Mitra urge caution when evaluating the return expectations

Paul Heffernan

The yin and yang of active and passive fund management

Index trackers fall out of favour due to market disruptions

Paul McMillan

West Coast warming up despite tax and disclosure worries

Assets grow despite concerns about the impact of new transparency rules and a possible tax

Sam Dale

Will hedge funds stay attractive to California investors?

Calpers pulled $4bn in hedge fund investments in 2014

Sam Macdonald

How l/s equity managers can catch the investor eye

Large allocators have recently set out what they look for in equity hedge managers

Paul McMillan

L/s equity, screensavers and kitchen snacks all on the allocator agenda

Investors are becoming increasingly bullish on sector specific equity strategies

Sheelah Kolhatkar

The compliance lessons from the demise of SAC Capital

New Yorker writer and author explains the culture changes to learn from Steve Cohen

Nicholas Tsafos

Opportunities all around in Trump’s infrastructure plans

An emphasis on private investment will provide opportunities in energy, airports, bridges, roads and seaport

Paul McMillan

FoHFs strive for scale and diversification

Our interview with EnTrust Permal’s Gregg Hymowitz highlights the benefits of getting bigger while we

Peter Moon

The erosion of the hedge fund edge and clustering of trades

Evidence shows that the majority of managers have become highly correlated to their benchmarks

Michael Sheen

Redefining the professional investor

US and Hong Kong regulators set for relaxation on investment restrictions

Paul McMillan

More big names move to be competitive on fees

Winton Capital, a firm that pioneered a lower fee approach, is cutting its headline charges

Andrew Dollery

The challenges of getting started in the booming Ucits market

An alluring prize for managers aiming to build and diversify, but no panacea for growth

Paul McMillan

Managers rush to ‘1 or 30’ as fee restructures become the norm

Extensive research from HFM Global and Citco highlights a sector bending to significant investor pressures

Sam Dale

SEC sets out 2017 agenda on exams and enforcement

Agency met for its annual conference in Washington DC last Friday