James Gaudin and Ben Bestgen

Could Jersey turn into a major hedge fund jurisdiction?

Law firm Appleby sets out the drivers for continuing growth in Jersey-based funds

Nye Longman

The UK’s Mifid II supervisory priorities

Attention turns to research providers who might be looking to bend the inducement rules by

Jack Inglis

HFMWeek at 500: Aima’s CEO on the sector’s evolution

Jack Inglis looks back on how the sector has evolved over the past 14 years.

Paul McMillan

HFMWeek hits the 500 mark

HFMweek has been revamped and redesigned as we celebrate our 500th issue

Miluska Berrospi

A hedge fund return for Jim Rogers? He said no, no, no

Quantum founder is now chair of a fintech firm but says he's having too much

Tom Kehoe

The truth about hedge fund performance

Aima responds to CEM Benchmarking's 'hedge fund reality check'

Sam Macdonald

Managers seek guidance on Ucits platform switches

Some Ucits operators are considering new hosting options

Jonathan Blattmachr and Jonathan Forman

What the SEC’s conflict of interests risk alert means for hedge funds

Fees and expenses continue to be at the forefront of the SEC enforcement agenda

Jasmin Leitner

Is it time for fledgling talent to shine?

The return of dedicated seeding vehicles could provide a vital lifeline to emerging managers

Paul McMillan

Quant giants drive 10% surge in HFM $10bn Club

Exclusive listing is now responsible for nearly $1.5trn in hedge fund assets

Bill Prew

Cost and regulation could reshape service provider relationships

Service provider change could be driven by the UK FCA Asset Management Market Study

Matt Smith

Start-up environment remains tough but improving

HFM annual survey indicates launch up-tick across global regions

Joe DiPasquale

The big DD questions when investing in crypto funds

Identifying investment opportunities in crypto is getting challenging. With over 200 hedge funds dedicated to

Nye Longman

Hedge funds take laid-back approach to Mifid ‘best ex’ reports

Many firms testing new rules on public disclosure of top execution venues and brokers

Paul McMillan

Ucits platforms lose their appeal for investment banks

Baml is the latest big bank to try to get rid of their liquid alts

Jasmin Leitner

Transparency: A question of supply and demand?

Could thawing investor sentiment ease pressure on managers to conform to demands?

James Burron

How Canada is opening up its hedge funds to retail investors

Retail investors set to get access to alts strategies through changes to National Instrument 81-102

Jen Banzaca

Regulators need to work in tandem on GDPR

Conflicting regulations under the EU regime and US recordkeeping obligations pose questions for US hedge

Paul McMillan

Treating investors fairly in an increasingly customised world

The rise of managed accounts, funds of one and various co-investment opportunities have triggered obvious

Dan Harris

ESG: hedge funds are right to pause for thought

There is something bubble-like about the pressure on hedge funds to join the ESG club