Molly Rowan

What the SEC social media exam sweep means for hedge funds

Ocie is focused on the retention and maintenance of records related to electronic communications

Sam Dale

The future of hedge fund hotels

One-third of managers would use shared office space

Joe Vittoria

UK hedge funds start to face challenges of post-Brexit Europe

Firms that want to retain access to EU investors should start to investigate a solution

Nye Longman

The ‘fine-tuning’ of EU short-selling regs

Managers doubtful of the prospect of significant reform

Paul McMillan

Esma set to give industry concerns a short shrift

Pan-European regulator unlikely to address worries over a lack of a consistent approach to short-selling

Peter Greene and Ben Kozinn

How to handle alternative data insider trading risks

The questions hedge funds should be asking when purchasing and using alt datasets

Sam Dale

Post-Brexit landscape takes shape for hedge funds

The possible contours of a post-Brexit landscape are beginning to take shape for hedge funds

Paul McMillan

Heading west or staying put? The big NY real estate question

Blue chip names are set for cross-town moves but there are also good reasons why

David Kupperman

Hedge funds could feast on central bank action and growth in passives

How QE surrealism and massive passives have created risk in markets

Sam Dale

Is a backdoor CFTC and SEC merger on the cards?

Merging the two agencies has re-merged as an idea discussed by policymakers

Paul McMillan

US policymakers push for a welcome harmonisation of regs

Early-stage proposals would see the SEC take the lead on CPO and CTA registration and

JD David

What boxing can teach you about marketing your hedge fund

There is a reason you don’t see boxers randomly throwing haymakers and uppercuts

Paul McMillan

Schonfeld backs another Cohen cub as experts debate keeping it personal

Former SAC Capital PM receives big ticket from multi-manager platform

Paul McMillan

FCA fails to lift Mifid II uncertainties while SEC hints at action

Still issues to be ironed out, particularly around cross-border transactions

Adil Raza

What US hedge funds need to know about the new AML rule

RIAs should take several steps to ensure they are prepared for finalised rule

Sam Dale

Managers await IRS audit rules on tiered partnerships

New IRS auditing rules for LLPs come into force on 31 December

Eric Bernstein

Putting the genie back into the bottle

A 'new normal' operating model for hedge funds has emerged since the financial crisis

Jack Inglis

Hedge funds, Brexit and the EU

Mr Clegg, let’s be clear: the hedge fund industry is neither definitively pro- nor anti-Brexit

Miles Kruppa

Understanding the evolution of due diligence

In-depth DD gives investors the tools they need to make more thoughtful and profitable decisions