Daniel Rzasa

Is the environment for new launches picking up?

The stats for 2018 could be much more positive than previous years

Bill Prew

What does Brexit mean for AIFMD depositary rules?

Independent oversight will be crucial to UK asset management industry's success

Michael Tiano and Robert Frey

Important due diligence questions for quant funds

Vetting them takes a level of technical sophistication beyond the usual

Paul McMillan

Plenty of Mifid II decisions still to be made

Mifid II dominates discussions at HFM's European Operational Leaders Summit

Sam Dale

US tax reform could spark change to manco structures

The White House published proposals to reform the US tax code

Jasmin Leitner

Consultant warnings on Mifid II research should be a wake-up call

While investors are not threatening to redeem, managers need to prepare for difficult questions around

John Sergides

Above and beyond: asset servicers spot lending opportunities

A world of possibilities is opening for alternative asset managers

Paul McMillan

Will investor pressure trigger a rethink of Mifid II tactics?

Consultants say they expect research to be paid from P&L but the picture is more

Cedric Jeanson

Are digital currency hedge funds worth the risk?

Blockchain assets can be an attractive source of diversification, low correlation and alpha. But investors

Paul McMillan

Big names highlight why its ‘truth time’ for succession planning

Bridgewater's Ray Dalio and Blackstone AAM's Tom Hill both discuss succession planning in this week's

Jasmin Leitner

The reluctance of ODD pros to provide feedback only hurts hedge fund industry

If investors want to get the best standards and procedures from managers, they should be

Nye Longman

Another set of new European rules deserve attention

Priips regulations could force some managers to make tough decisions over retail investors

Paul McMillan

MAP assets break through big milestone with plenty more to come

Large platforms show significant growth over first half of the year

Meredith Jones

Making the grade: Top tips for fall fundraising

The summer can be a magical time. Whether you’ve spent the past couple of months

Paul McMillan

Managers keen to teach coding across the firm

With programming talent at a significant premium, managers see the virtue to training up

Sam Dale

Recruiting talent in NYC amid changing employment laws

Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced a slew of progressive legislation

Toby Goodworth

What is driving the diversified growth in liquid alts?

bfinance head of diversifying strategies writes about the latest investor trends

Don Steinbrugge

Asia-focused hedge funds have major opportunity to expand

High economic growth rates, low relative valuations, higher vol, and retail dominated markets create attractive

Paul McMillan

Regulatory reforms on course despite Washington gridlock

There is plenty of regulatory reform that can happen without new legislation

Sam Dale

The quiet revolution in US regulations

Donald Trump's appointees to the SEC and CFTC are making their mark

Molly Rowan

What the SEC social media exam sweep means for hedge funds

Ocie is focused on the retention and maintenance of records related to electronic communications