Bobby Johal

Brexit: no cause for panic but that doesn’t mean you can sit on your hands

Cordium's Bobby Johal on why firms need to start contingency planning in earnest

Jasmin Leitner

Leading consultant pushes for HF fee transparency

Albourne 'price discovery' initiative will rely on HF input to succeed

grip on your money
Jasmin Leitner

Buyers’ market for seeding suggests squeeze in terms

Lawyers point to hedge fund backers asking for revenue-share increases

Paul McMillan

Seeders bullish amid the tough market terrain

Seed investors have large amounts of dry powder available although some experts are concerned about

Bill Prew

What now for UK hedge fund regulation after Brexit?

Nobody quite knows what the UK’s negotiating position will be, including possibly the government

Beating, compete, fight, box
Guillaume Touze

Boutiques can beat the big firms with alternative Ucits

Why smaller managers have major advantages in terms of performance

Paul McMillan

Trump’s regulatory rollback could provide big opportunities

Donald Trump’s victory in last week’s US election has raised manager hopes that the president-elect

Double exposure city and graph
Miluska Berrospi

Insurance-dedicated funds gain traction

IDFs are poised to become one of the industry's larger trends

Jon Caplis

What investors consider when allocating to emerging managers

Jon Caplis explains what investors are looking for in smaller hedge funds

Growing Money - Chart In Rise
Paul McMillan

More managers looking to IDFs to boost HNWI assets

HFMWeek has learned that a number of large managers are planning Insurance Dedicated Fund launches

New building of European Central Bank headquarters at Eastend Frankfurt, Germany.
Neil Servis and Hassan Jeraj

What are the key opportunities for European credit funds?

Serone Capital asks whether the ECB should extend QE to include SME CLO programmes

Paul McMillan

The risks and rewards of media engagement

Anthony Scaramucci calls on managers to take their heads out of the sand but many

New York City - NY - USA - September 3 2015: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures emphatically during press conference at Trump Tower to announce he has signed a pledge not to run as an independent candidate
Sam Dale

It’s time for hedge funds to step out of the shadows

The public debate about hedge funds is taking place whether managers engage or not

Tim Massad speaking at the MFA Outlook Summit in New York
Paul McMillan

CFTC edges closer to final rules on controversial Reg AT

Concessions planned but perhaps not enough for managers

Daniel Och, chairman and chief executive  of Och-Ziff Capital Management
Ken Yormark and William Olsen

What the Och-Ziff charges show hedge funds about tackling corruption

Grant Thornton on the need for a top-down commitment to integrity and solid anti-corruption compliance

Andrew Beer

History is repeating itself with trends in smart beta

Beachhead managing director talks about historical low cost investment trends

Firework Rockets Launching. Sparks flying from a firework rockets lit fuse. Fireworks and celebrations illustration.
Paul McMillan

Our 20 for 2017 jump high hurdles for lift-off

In a tough asset-raising environment managers launching out on their own are still raising decent

Businessman is stacking coins
Jasmin Leitner

Management fees, lock-ups and large ticket discounts require caution

Fee reductions are becoming more wide-spread, but experts caution that all deals need to be

Joshua Maxey

Is the FCA launching a revolution in dealing commission?

Research provider Third Bridge discusses how Mifid II reforms will hit the UK market

Paul McMillan

Some fee options come with a health warning

Investor pressure growing for greater fee innovation but care must be taken when implementing new