Sam Dale

Is the EU sending mixed messages on boosting capital markets?

Industry welcomes European Commission's CMU initiative but questions FTT and shadow banking push

European flags
Bill Prew

How EU regulation is reshaping service provider relationships

Indos Financial founder examines how Ucits V, AIFMD and Mifid II are altering how firms

Building of European Comitee, Bruselless, Belgium
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Lord Hill appears to be getting his lending priorities right

Managers welcome leaked plans around withholding tax relief and other measures

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Mifid II tops concerns as research fee changes are mooted

COOs at our European Operational Leadership summit last week highlighted Mifid II as one of

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom
Maiya Keidan

Boost for Mauritius after Indian court ruling

Mauritius-domiciled hedge funds can still avoid Indian capital gains tax

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Sam Dale

Managers grapple with EU reverse inquiry minefield

Reverse inquiry rules vary from member state to member state

Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Scale of prime broker repricing revealed

At this week’s HFM European Operational Leaders Summit in Hertfordshire, UK, the changing prime broker

David Saunders

Liquid alternatives: Dispelling the myth of the illiquidity premium

The availability of liquid alternative vehicles has expanded rapidly over the past decade. However, this

Fractal Realms series. Design made of fractal elements, grids  and symbols to serve as backdrop for projects related to education, science and technology
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Big guns continue the move into quant

A list of big names have signalled their intent to grow machine learning capabilities

Garbage can full of money spilling over
Alex Koriath

Hedge Funds Could Offer Relief For Ailing Pension Plans

Pension plans in the US and UK are once again facing daunting deficits, thanks largely

European flags
Sam Dale

EU struggles for agreement on Mifid II dealing commission

Firms could face uncertainty over dealing commission rules until next year

Robert Quinn

SEC case highlights support CCOs must be given

Demonstrating a robust compliance culture is critical to successfully attracting institutional investors and avoiding regulatory

Manhattan, New York, USA
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: US manager Ucits push continues apace

Balyasny joins the likes of Paulson and Visium in launching European liquid alts

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Sam Macdonald

Is acquisitive SS&C set to take top admin spot?

The technology firm's Citi acquisition comes hot on the heels of its purchase of Advent

Maiya Keidan

Editor’s view: Admin Citco overtakes State Street for top spot in assets

Administrator Citco has pulled the rug out from under State Street as it took the

Alex Cardno

How will Volcker rule alter banks’ hedge fund investments?

Since January 2014, US investment banks have been forced to reduce hedge fund exposure in

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Jack Inglis

Let’s extend AIFMD passport to all fund centres

AIFMD passport should be extended to all hedge fund centres

Halong Bay, Vietnam. Unesco World Heritage Site. Most popular place in Vietnam.
David Roes

An Unexpected Oasis: Why this manager is betting on Vietnam

Globally focused investment managers are constantly being challenged by world market events

Sam Dale

Cayman has it all to play for on AIFMD passport

Esma’s decision not to award Cayman funds an AIFMD passport alongside Jersey, Guernsey and, almost

Inspector. Graphics are my design and artwork. Thanks. The United Kingdom Budget statement is made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a member of the Government  who is responsible for all economic and financial matters. He controls HM Treasury. ands the revenues gathered by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the expenditure of public sector departments and can raise taxes and duties according to the needs of the economy. After the Prime Minister he is the most important state officer. The Budget is normally an annual event in March, but in more recent times a mini budget has also been held in November. The budget speech is always carried to the House of Commons in a red briefcase, known as Ministerial Boxes, or Red Boxes’. This red briefcase has become representative of the annual UK Budget. Historically, it dates back to the first use by William Gladstone in 1860.
James Tinworth and Maryanna Sharrock

Why should private equity be HMRC’s golden child?

Stephenson Harwood partners ask why the UK favours private equity over hedge funds for tax

Credit Suisse
Paul McMillan

Editor’s view: Credit Suisse latest to see HF equity opportunity

HFMWeek this week reveals Credit Suisse is looking to join the likes of Blackstone, Goldman Sachs