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The ESG DDQ: No more excuses?

Performance shouldn't suffer, but HFs need to take a more nuanced view of implementation

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The five key operational trends reshaping hedge funds

Several watershed trends are impacting managers in significant ways

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Big calls in Paris but no Mission: Impossible for managers

Tom Cruise wasn’t the only one livening up the French capital last week

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The biggest cyber risk in your business is humans

The digital footprint of executives may open the door for a cyber-attack

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Catching the hedge fund ‘unicorn’

How hedge fund allocators identify talent that can grow through the years

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Why hedge funds should pay attention to behavioural finance

Analysing biases in investment decision-making can save hundreds of basis points, argues Cheyne's equities COO

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Hiring right and standing out from the emerging manager crowd

Former Bridgewater pro preps global macro fund after non-compete ends

Jennifer McGrandle, Madeleine White and Peter Astleford

Maintaining confidentiality in fund documents: a realistic expectation?

Brevan Howard court ruling not a panacea; warns Dechert

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Will tax reform really carry and the benefits of media engagement

Tax experts point to hurdles despite political consensus on the surface

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Can carried interest reforms be thwarted yet again?

The lobbying tactics will aim to ensure hedge funds are not targeted alone

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No such thing as a free benefit

How PBs are hoping to avoid separate charges for services like cap intro and consulting

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Mifid II clock ticking with little clarity on PB charging model

Investment banks and UK regulator appear at odds over charging for cap intro and consultancy

Jeffrey Saret and Subhadeep Mitra

Structural optimism in public pension plan return forecasts

Two Sigma Investment's Jeffrey Saret and Subhadeep Mitra urge caution when evaluating the return expectations

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The yin and yang of active and passive fund management

Index trackers fall out of favour due to market disruptions

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West Coast warming up despite tax and disclosure worries

Assets grow despite concerns about the impact of new transparency rules and a possible tax

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Will hedge funds stay attractive to California investors?

Calpers pulled $4bn in hedge fund investments in 2014

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How l/s equity managers can catch the investor eye

Large allocators have recently set out what they look for in equity hedge managers

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L/s equity, screensavers and kitchen snacks all on the allocator agenda

Investors are becoming increasingly bullish on sector specific equity strategies

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The compliance lessons from the demise of SAC Capital

New Yorker writer and author explains the culture changes to learn from Steve Cohen