Jonathan Lamb

Money supermarket anyone?

Hedge funds need centralised infrastructure, standardised compliance and clarity on cost

Alina Savage, Andrea Mousouris and Edward Klees

What could Trump’s executive orders mean for hedge funds?

DoL rule likely to be eliminated while fate of Dodd-Frank remains unclear

Paul McMillan

Managed accounts: A necessary evil you can’t ignore?

Managers are wary of the business downsides but investor hunger for the structures appears insatiable

Sam Macdonald

Are investors expecting too much from SMAs?

Managers are facing a dilemma over managed accounts

Jasmin Leitner

Carrots and sticks: HFs should prepare for fee negotiations

How investors are starting to get tough with tactics

Alex Lawton

Navigating the new liquidity market rules

How hedge funds and other financial entities can play a new role

Paul McMillan

Are hedge fund investors being priced out of internal talent?

Harvard Management Company says decision was based on spiralling manager pay and the need to

Sam Dale

Hedge funds weigh up new immigration landscape

Donald Trump's election and Brexit create uncertainty in attracting global talent

Ewan Kirk

A game you ‘probably’ can’t lose

Ewan Kirk, CIO of Gam Systematic's Cantab Capital, on why the rise of machine learning

Michael Sheen

The hedge fund image makeover

How a Labour MP is educating his colleagues on the industry's virtues

Paul McMillan

Why it’s right to tackle political misconceptions

UK Labour MP is leading a new Parliamentary group focused on educating politicians on alternatives

Sean Inggs

The changing role of hedge fund boards and independent directors

Gone are the days they could operate at an ultra-high level using light touch governance

Paul McMillan

Hedge fund spin-outs look to ride outsourcing wave

Fortress tech team join DE Shaw in spinning out operations with more moves likely

Sam Dale

How will the Trump govt change insider trading laws?

US insider trading laws are potentially facing their biggest shake-up in decades with a new

Don Steinbrugge

Top 10 hedge fund industry trends for 2017

Agecroft Partners’ 8th annual predictions for the year ahead

Sam Macdonald

Admins look to hybrid funds to fill FoHF void

Firms are looking to expand their service offerings as FoHF assets continue to shrink

Kieron Conroy

How are hedge funds coping with 2016 outflows?

The day of 2/20 is now but a footnote in the annals of hedge fund

Paul McMillan

Big investors set to turn the screw further on fees

Experts suggest plenty more movement on fees in the New Year

Bobby Johal

Brexit: no cause for panic but that doesn’t mean you can sit on your hands

Cordium's Bobby Johal on why firms need to start contingency planning in earnest