JD David

What boxing can teach you about marketing your hedge fund

There is a reason you don’t see boxers randomly throwing haymakers and uppercuts

Paul McMillan

FCA fails to lift Mifid II uncertainties while SEC hints at action

Still issues to be ironed out, particularly around cross-border transactions

Adil Raza

What US hedge funds need to know about the new AML rule

RIAs should take several steps to ensure they are prepared for finalised rule

Sam Dale

Managers await IRS audit rules on tiered partnerships

New IRS auditing rules for LLPs come into force on 31 December

Eric Bernstein

Putting the genie back into the bottle

A 'new normal' operating model for hedge funds has emerged since the financial crisis

Jack Inglis

Hedge funds, Brexit and the EU

Mr Clegg, let’s be clear: the hedge fund industry is neither definitively pro- nor anti-Brexit

Miles Kruppa

Understanding the evolution of due diligence

In-depth DD gives investors the tools they need to make more thoughtful and profitable decisions

Matt Smith

Managers braced for closer scrutiny under EU’s MAR

Lawyers warn activists to prepare for enforcement action if they are not up to scratch

Paul McMillan

Investment banks in wait-and-see mode over Mifid II research

Managers awaiting research cost negotiations. particularly from large US-centric banks

Sam Dale

The minefield of sharing SEC exam information

Should you give your investors access to deficiency letters?

Joseph Bianco and Seda Livian

How hedge funds should be preparing for US tax reform

President Trump's plans could have wide-ranging impact on managers' taxes

Sam Macdonald

Accessing day one capital with exclusive deals

Those exploring such arrangements should know what they are walking into with eyes wide open

Paul McMillan

Fledgling managers increasingly drawn to exclusivity deals

Large early stage allocations may seem like a golden ticket but managers need to be

Nick Evans

Energy infrastructure opportunities under Trump

Tortoise Capital drills into the investment landscape for managers

Paul McMillan

Fee debate drives Albourne to top of investor power list

Model promoted by the $400bn AuA consultancy has got tongues wagging and a number of

Daniel Rzasa

A consensus on Mifid II research payments?

Managers look to create budgets based on a range of AuM basis points

Meredith Jones

Seven things you should never say in pitch books

Author and investment pro Meredith Jones explains what to avoid in pirchbooks

Charles Akingbehin

You’re getting sacked in the morning

Does the turnover of managers in hedge funds and football bring long-term success?

Paul McMillan

MAP research highlights investor hunger and platform bifurcation

Top three platforms boost assets by an average of nearly 30% while others fall back