Online poll: Half of managers positive on Trump trades

Split in views with other managers suggesting any bounce has been priced in and some nervous on prospects for their strategy

27th biannual AuA survey part 2 – FoHFs

Assets continue to plummet in the FoHF space with four out of the top five admins seeing a fall over six months

Online poll: Are you expecting significant redemption requests at year-end?

75% of managers confident they will not see year-end withdrawals despite tough year

The 27th biannual assets under administration survey

Following a drop of 6% in overall AuA last time round, admin assets back on the up after 2% increase to $4.8trn

Online poll: Should the FCA regulate investment consultants?

A majority think regulation is the best way to ensure a better deal for investors

The HFM seeding top 5 – 2016

This year has been a relatively quiet for dedicated fund action, characterised by opportunistic deals and smaller tickets

Donald Trump seen as a positive for US managers

Corporate tax cuts and infrastructure spending cited as most beneficial policies

Online poll: Majority of HFs back Trump to deliver de-regulation agenda

Republican congressional support should see President-elect deliver some change

Online poll: Has the CFTC done enough to quell industry worry over Reg AT?

Two thirds of respondents still have major concerns of source code access despite the new ‘special call’ plan

The Alphapipe-HFMWeek service provider snapshot Q3:16

The top rankings remain unchanged although there was movement further down the tables