Automating Operations

How, what and why hedge fund managers are automating and the barriers they must surmount in doing so
August 2018

Report Overview

Setting up a hedge fund in 2018 is a costly and difficult enterprise. Automation offers one potential solution to easing the burden on managers, particularly in these early stages, but how widespread is the automation of ops and how are managers going about it? The latest Insights report from HFM provides the definitive guide. From analysis of investor views and opinions, to data on the types of manager most likely to automate and the approaches they take, this report offers a benchmark for hedge fund firms contemplating automation for the first time or re-evaluating their operational infrastructure.

In the report:

  • 31 exhibits across 40 pages utilising proprietary data and research;
  • Data on the extent to which ten key processes are being automated;
  • Feedback on the approaches to automation and challenges in store;
  • Analysis of the barriers to and drawbacks of automating operations;
  • Insights on outsourced solutions and monitoring; and much more