Beyond Hedge Funds

The extent to which hedge fund managers of all sizes are diversifying into non-hedge fund products and the impact that will have on the hedge fund industry at large
December 2019

Report Overview

As competition for investors intensifies, hedge fund managers are under increasing pressure to think about their product suite. But to what extent have they diversified beyond their core competency – and beyond hedge funds – and what to investors think of the trend? The topic is the focus of HFM’s latest Insights research report, Beyond Hedge Funds, which takes a closer look at product diversification.

In the report:

  • 24 data exhibits and 23 related ‘actions’ based on HFM research;
  • Stats on which asset classes hedge funds are most likely to explore;
  • Allocators’ perspective on product diversification efforts;
  • Analysis of the risks and rewards of branching out;
  • Projections on the future direction of the hedge fund industry; and much more

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