Business Diversification

The rewards and pitfalls for hedge fund managers when expanding into unfamiliar territory
September 2017

Report Overview

How diversified is the hedge fund management industry? Following a post-crisis period littered with high-profile liquidations and commercial missteps, not as much as it used to be. That is not to say product diversification is no longer rife – it is – only that it is happening in increasingly subtle ways, with contemporary firms more reluctant to stray from their core competencies than their predecessors. Our Business Diversification report begins by analysing the product ranges of the 360 ‘hedge fund managers’ in HFM’s most recent billion-dollar club rankings, before going on to explore the impact that diversifying into new products has on investors, existing products and a firm’s brand.

In the report:

  • 17 data exhibits utilising proprietary HFM data sources and new research
  • Analysis by vehicle type and asset class of the businesses of all ‘billion dollar club’ hedge fund firms
  • A table of key costs for launching a range of hedge fund product types
  • The common attributes of those UCITS hedge funds with at least $100m in AuM
  • Analysis by age and number of the Founding Principals of all ‘billion dollar club’ hedge fund firms; and much more