Investor Relations

Client Communications

How hedge funds manage their client relationships and the ways investors prefer to be kept informed
May 2018

Report Overview

Investor letters, personal calls, client events, white papers, web portals: just a handful of the myriad ways for hedge fund managers to keep their clients informed, or to fall short of investor expectations. So which styles of communication do managers find most effective and which combinations do investors prefer? HFM’s latest Insights report, Client Communications 2018, sets out to measure the status quo and judge the extent of its success. We establish trends specific to manager and investor type, culminating in some deeper analysis looking at how the style of communication changes as a manager evolves its investor base.

In the report:

  • 24 exhibits across 37 pages utilising proprietary data and research;
  • Insights on client events, white papers, podcasts and web portals;
  • Data on the frequency and style of communication investors prefer;
  • Analysis of the way communication changes as a manager evolves;
  • Feedback on the most popular CRM providers; and much more;