Cost Management

Profit margin trends and cost saving techniques in hedge fund management
September 2017

Report Overview

What are hedge fund managers doing to improve their profit margins? As much as they can, across a range of cost types. In an increasingly difficult environment to perform, a dollar saved is as good as a dollar earned, and managers are going the extra mile for every buck. External costs (such as service providers), internal costs (including staff and real estate) and new revenue streams (product fees) are all being reassessed – and usually in that order. Our Cost Management report explores the lengths managers are going to improve the efficiency of their businesses, as well as the factors contributing to their chances of success.

In the report:

  • 18 data exhibits utilising proprietary HFM data sources and new research
  • Hard data on the managers that are using third party marketing and cap intro
  • Insights on the types of firm implementing a range of money-saving initiatives
  • Analysis of the ‘hot prospect’ firms who are succeeding and those who aren’t
  • Hard data on hiring costs by role and real estate costs by location; and much more