Identifying the current online threats to hedge fund firms and the managers most vulnerable to attack
October 2017

Report Overview

Which hedge fund firms are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks? Not necessarily the ones spending less money. Cyber-security has been a hot topic at hedge fund conferences and boardrooms for several years now, and has prompted significant investment in infrastructure, technology and services. But has it made a difference? Not all cyber threats are created equal and not all hedge fund firms are equally affected. HFM’s latest Insights research report – our first with a ‘technology’ focus – explores the online risks that contemporary managers face and the extent to which investment in resources, education and testing is providing better protection.

In the report:

  • 18 data exhibits utilising proprietary HFM data sources and new research
  • Statistics on the managers – and vendors – conducting independent penetration tests
  • Insights on investors, trade bodies and regulators and their roles in developments
  • Hard data the number of firms offering potentially harmful free intel via their websites
  • Analysis of the educational initiatives managers are – and aren’t – using; and much more