Data Centres

Data storage models used by hedge fund firms and the trends driving adoption
November 2017

Report Overview

Which hedge fund firms need to upgrade their data storage solutions? Often those that have already spent heavily on existing infrastructure. With upgraded technology coming thick and fast and an array of new regulations on the horizon, managers are scrambling to ensure their data storage configuration strikes a balance between security and cost, while remaining at the forefront of the latest trends. HFM’s latest Insights research report – our second with a ‘technology’ focus – looks at the types of data storage solution managers are using, whose solutions will last the longest, and the challenges different firms face when seeking an upgrade.

In the report:

  • 18 data exhibits utilising proprietary HFM data sources and new research
  • Statistics on the types of storage solution and the types of manager using them
  • Analysis of why some models for data storage are being used over others
  • Actionable insights for decision makers re-evaluating their data storage needs
  • Data on the challenges managers face in adopting new models; and much more