Evolving Ecosystems

How the decision to build, buy or outsource core technology changes as a hedge fund manager grows and the impact this journey is having on the industry at large
December 2018

Report Overview

When it comes to the technology at the heart of a business, what suits a firm’s needs today, may not suit its needs tomorrow. HFM research suggests that one third of hedge fund managers plan to change their fundamental approach to tech – to switch between ‘build’, ‘buy’ and ‘outsource’ – over the next five years. Furthermore, three quarters of these managers with at least $1bn in AuM are doing so because they are ‘worried they will get left behind’. Which other trends are driving hedge fund tech evolution? HFM’s ‘Evolving Ecosystems’ report has the answers.

In the report:

  • 27 exhibits across 39 pages utilising proprietary data and research;
  • A list of ‘hidden gem’ software recommended by hedge fund CTOs;
  • Data on the firms that ‘build’, ‘buy’ and ‘outsource’ their core tech;
  • Analysis of the firms changing as part of a journey through tech;
  • The lessons they have learned along the way; and much more