Investor Relations

Marketing Team Structures

The structures, workloads and development of the hedge fund marketing and investor relations function
February 2018

Report Overview

Pressure is mounting on hedge fund IR/marketing teams. Industry performance has been mixed, competition for tickets has increased, and the importance of attracting high-quality, long-term investors is growing by the day. But are managers structuring the function to maximise success? Should marketing and IR be split out? Would a new structure provide a more efficient process and more clients? HFM’s latest Insights report, Marketing Team Structures 2018, pops the hood on the IR/marketing function, providing hard data and analysis on individual expectations and team compositions, and seeking trends on developments inside the team and communications with the rest of the firm.

In the report:

  • 25 data exhibits across 37 pages utilising proprietary HFM data sources and new research;
  • Detailed statistics on the size, structure and workloads of hedge fund IR/marketing teams;
  • Investor opinions on the qualities they like to see in hedge fund IR/marketing professionals;
  • Insights on if and when poor internal communication is hindering capital-raising efforts;
  • Analysis of the evolution of the IR/marketing function as a manager grows; and much more…