Mifid II Progress

A look at the challenges faced and battles won by hedge fund managers and vendors affected by recent EU regulation
June 2018

Report Overview

Report Overview

The road to Mifid II has been a rocky one, with managers, investors and trade bodies all raising concerns before and after its 3 January implementation. But just how challenging has the first few months proved and how many managers have been affected? HFM’s latest Insights report, Mifid II Progress, addresses these questions and more, seeking updates on key areas such as research unbundling and research costs, and teething problems with the services provided by ARM and TCA solutions providers. Furthermore, we look beyond Mifid provisions on call recording to GDPR – the next potential hazard along the road.

In the report:

  • 25 exhibits across 38 pages utilising proprietary data and research;
  • research on the proportion of hedge fund firms caught in Mifid’s net;
  • hard data of how managers are paying for and unbundling research;
  • client satisfaction ratings for service providers with Mifid solutions;
  • insights on call recording and GDPR challenges; and much more.