Navigating New Markets

The challenges hedge fund managers face in key European and Asia-Pacific markets and tips for better navigation
July 2018

Report Overview

As interest rates continue to struggle and hedge fund performance picks up, new investors are turning to untraditional investment strategies to plug the gaps left by the shortfalls in their fixed income portfolios. Unfortunately for hedge fund managers, many of these allocators are based in jurisdictions with reputations for high regulatory hurdles and red tape. From Germany and the Nordics in Europe, to Japan and China in Asia, these markets can appear more challenging than rewarding. But are their reputations deserved? HFM’s latest Insights report, Navigating New Markets 2018, looks to measure the gap between perception and reality.

In the report:

-24 data exhibits across 37 pages utilising proprietary data and research;
-A host of statistics on manager activity in European and Asian markets;
-Manager ratings for how easy or difficult certain markets are to access;
-Manager ratings for how frequent reserve enquires are from investors;
-Further marketing insights, tips and experiences; and much more…