Prime Broker Pressures 2019

The latest rankings, developments and trends in the world of prime brokerage and how they have affected the balance of power between provider and client
September 2019

Report Overview

Do hedge funds feel in a position of power in their prime brokerage relationships? And to what extent has their confidence been affected by the events of the last 12 months? These topics are at the heart of HFM’s annual prime brokerage report, Prime Broker Pressures 2019, which takes an analytical approach to the latest rankings, trends and developments.

In the report:

  • 29 data exhibits and 24 related ‘Actions’ based on HFM research;
  • Insights on prime broker revenue hurdles and client confidence;
  • A section dedicated to the widening gap to the top three primes;
  • Data on the amount managers spent on prime services in 2018;
  • Investor opinions on prime brokerage trends; and much more

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