Prime Broker Pressures

Identifying and alleviating the tensions in the manager-prime relationship
September 2017

Report Overview

Are hedge funds making enough money for their prime brokers? In some cases, not nearly enough. The tension in the hedge fund-prime broker relationship is palpable, with revenue hurdles just one of the talking points giving both sides the sweats. How much is enough? Does a manager even want to know? Prime and client alike are in increasing danger of being replaced, as cost, technology and regulatory pressures create a more hard-headed business environment. Our Prime Broker Pressures report explores – among other related themes – the sources of tension between the two parties, the cost of doing business, and the potential outcomes from the current direction of travel.

In the report:

  • 18 data exhibits utilising proprietary HFM data sources and new research
  • Hard data on prime brokerage mandate market share by number and AuM
  • The thoughts of hedge fund professionals on value add services and prime reputations
  • The latest analysis on revenue hurdles by manager size and prime tier
  • A host of insights on the state of the manager-prime relationship; and much more